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James Ellsworth checks with Vince McMahon to see how he did after every WWE appearance

James Ellsworth’s rise from Maryland indie guy & local enhancement talent on Raw to prominent supporting player in SmackDown’s main event scene has been one of the wildest stories in a pro wrestling year full of wild stories. Part of why the Chinless Wonder is so popular is because he seems to know and appreciate how amazing his journey is.

An interview he gave to The Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling provides another example of Ellsworth’s humble approach to his time at WWE. It’s not exactly surprising to learn he seeks out Vince McMahon for feedback after each episode of SmackDown n which he appears - he did get approval from the Chairman to say his own words in a promo on his first Raw appearance, after all. But it’s a cool story, nonetheless:

Every week after Smackdown I make sure to find him and to say, “Hey sir, how did I do?”

Every week it has been nothing but great feedback from him and he has been so cool to me and I don’t get to speak to him for an extended amount of time and it’s literally I walk up to him and ask “Did I do okay?” and “Is everything good?”

Every week he has said “Good job, kid” and “See you next week”.

That is what it has been every week and coming from him it means the world because he is the MAN. He is the main guy in this profession. He is THE top guy that nobody is over and I have so much respect for him and what he has done with Sports Entertainment and it is just cool to get that little conversation with him every week but I always make sure to go to him and I always will no matter what.

Ellsworth continues to say he “doesn’t know what the future holds”, which is probably why he’ll be trying to get any knowledge he can from Vince for however long he’s there.

Hopefully he doesn’t annoy him in the process.

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