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More details on the Sin Cara-Chris Jericho fight, including annoying noises, finger-biting

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We knew more information would come out about WWE’s latest behind-the-scenes clash, and Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer’s sources came through with the goods on Chris Jericho vs. Hunico from the Raw tour of England.

For starters, Meltzer clarifies it occurred not literally backstage, but on the bus after the Sunday show in Leeds, en route to today’s taping in Glasgow, Scotland. He also describes the incident as a “brief altercation” rather than a brawl or any of the other flashier headlines making the rounds.

It does sound like something that would occur between seventh-graders, however.

Sin Cara (real name Jorge Arias) was “making annoying noises”. A number of people on the bus called him on it, but he wouldn’t stop. Y2J, presumably in the same sticking-up-for-the-boys, locker room leader mode which led to his confronting Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam, was more direct in telling him to cut it out. Arias allegedly told Jericho to “f*** off”.

As tempers rose, Arias threw a “wild right” at Kevin Owens’ best friend. Others jumped in to separate them at that point, and somewhere in the chaos, Jericho bit Arias’ finger.

Sin Cara was then thrown off the bus. Someone who described the incident to Meltzer said Arias quickly snapped without warning.

There’s been no official statement from the company. We’ll have to wait and see on discipline, but it sounds like the hammer is more likely to come down on the cruiserweight than the veteran.