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Rusev set to face Brock Lesnar at Mexico City house show

Earlier this week, we learned Brock Lesnar would work a live event in Mexico City next month - to add big wattage star power to a show in an important market for WWE.

Missing from that announcement was who the Beast Incarnate would face in what will likely be his first match after meeting Goldberg at Survivor Series on Nov. 20. Now we know, and it’s someone who’s getting a reputation for working with big name part-timers like The Rock, Steve Austin, the aforementioned Goldberg and even Brock himself:

This is a sign of confidence in Rusev, trusting him to help make these Hall of Famers look good. But it’s also a role for a mid-card heel, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that - at least for right now - that’s the role they have in mind for the Bulgarian Brute.

Frustrating for fans who believe he’s capable of being a Universal champion-type guy someday. But it’s a WWE career is a marathon, not a sprint.

Thoughts on a non-televised Rusev/Lesnar match, Cagesiders?

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