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Report: Tyson Kidd off Total Divas because WWE doesn’t want his injury details getting out

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Tyson Kidd has been missing from the latest season of Total Divas and when asked about it on Twitter he confirmed he was off the cast. He wouldn’t go into details beyond saying “I don’t think they want my situation explained.”

The situation he’s referring to is what was almost certainly a career-ending neck injury he suffered during a match with Samoa Joe in July of 2015. Kidd broke his neck taking a Muscle Buster and required spinal fusion surgery to fix it.

Now, Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting WWE pulled Kidd from Total Divas because he still hasn’t healed from that injury and the company doesn’t want the details of it getting out.

Various members of the Hart family have spoken out against WWE for how the entire situation has been handled, including Bruce Hart claiming the company downplayed the injury the night it happened. Pro Wrestling Sheet’s report states the company is worried Kidd would open up about that night and that’s part of why he was pulled from the show. Further, Kidd wants to but can’t because of his contract.

Stay tuned, as there will surely be more on this story in the months to come.