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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 28, 2016): Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

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WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 28, 2016) from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Roadblock pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Pittsburgh.

Advertised for tonight: Sasha Banks challenges Charlotte for the Raw women’s championship, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Up for the dead, blood-thirsty rulers are bred. Rising up, their dreams of hell are waiting for you, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with a recap of last week’s no disqualification match for the WWE Universal Championship.

In the arena, Chris Jericho is in the ring to welcome us to the Highlight Reel. Tonight his guest (who needs no introduction but is getting one anyway) is his best friend, Kevin Owens. KO makes his way to the ring and gets on the mic, saying it’s an honor to be on the Highlight Reel two weeks ago and wonders if that’s a record. Jericho confirms that it is indeed a first-time achievement.

Owens then talks about how the fans celebrated Thanksgiving, saying how American Thanksgiving is just a way to get one last meal in before trampling over each other to try and save sixty bucks on a crappy flatscreen TV. He mockingly tells us we should be proud before saying that he and Chris are a superior breed of human, the Canadian. Canadians had their Thanksgiving last month, and Jericho chimes in that they’re all ahead of the curve.

But Kevin is willing to play along and says he’s thankful for being the Universal Champion, for being the face of the premiere show in WWE, and last but not least, he’s thankful for his best friend, Chris Jericho. They hug. Jericho, meanwhile, is thankful that Owens is his best friend, for his wicked rad scarf, and honestly, for Seth Rollins. KO looks at him incredulously and he explains that he’s thankful that Seth Rollins proved to him that he’s the epitome of a stupid idiot.

Last week, Seth used his opportunity to have a title match and he failed, which Owens dubs as “he Rollin-ed himself”. Chris categorically denies interfering, saying it was clearly Sin Cara wearing a Chris Jericho mask. Kevin says the mask was amazing but it doesn’t matter because he had Seth Rollins beaten. And furthermore, Seth Rollins wasn’t cleared to be here tonight—

Enter Roman Reigns. Owens asks if they can help him and Roman says he doesn’t know why they stopped, they’re quite funny. Jericho does the whole “are we clowns, do we amuse you” gimmick, and Roman says he doesn’t think they’re a joke, but Kevin Owens as Universal Champion, that’s a huge joke. Owens stutters over his response like he’s so deeply angered that he can’t make words, and says the only joke is Roman calling himself The Guy.

Reigns, naturally says that’s no joke, and that Owens is just a guy who needs a lot of help. Owens questions this logic and Roman says he needs help for everything, why else keep Jericho around? KO says he doesn’t need Chris Jericho. Roman asks to confirm that for the record before saying he disagrees, that if he didn’t have Chris Jericho, he would have lost the title last week, or the week before, or the week before, etc.

Jericho says he’s had enough and asks if he knows what happens when you insult his best friend. The pen is clicked and the List ready, but Owens snaps at him, telling him to shut up. He says he has this, telling Roman he can’t talk to him like this. Roman asks what he’s gonna do, and KO sputters before threatening to powerbomb him on the apron. Roman is pleased, saying he didn’t want Joke Owens Joke, he wanted Fight Owens Fight, and he wants a match tonight. And if he wins, Roman wants the title match at Roadblock.

KO agrees and says he just booked himself on the Kevin Owens Show. Roman loves that show, but spoiler alert, by the end of the episode, he’s gonna kick his ass.

Byron Saxton talks about the Women’s Championship match later tonight and Michael Cole promises Paul Heyman addressing the events of Survivor Series before we go to break on an ad for TLC.

Back from commercial and Owens is backstage freaking out at Jericho over what Roman said to him when Chris confronts him about being told to shut up and being told that he isn’t needed. Every time he needs help, he’s there, but Owens is convinced he really doesn’t need him, and says his help is just hurting.

Jericho says he doesn’t need him as a partner, and he certainly doesn’t need him as a best friend. Mick Foley rolls up and says that Owens has a match before saying that he’s been trying to get ahold of Jericho all week. Jericho says he doesn’t need to worry about punishing him, because he’s just leaving.

Golden Truth are in the ring... and here comes Braun, so that’s our Man Event of the evening already! Commentary recaps the Sami Zayn

Braun Strowman vs. R-Truth

Truth in with a flurry of forearms, he floats over a powerslam attempt but Braun levels him. Whip to the corner, body avalanche...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with the running powerslam.

Goldust tends to Truth before charging Braun. He eats a body avalanche and then the bear hug! I can hardly bear it! Sami Zayn hits the ring and puts a sleeper on the big man, letting Golden Truth escape. A flurry of body blows, Braun throws him in the corner but runs into a boot. Clubbing overhead blow catches Sami and then Braun hits the Yokosuka Cutter on him.

He sets Sami up in the tree of woe but referees hit the ring to stop him. Mick Foley makes his way down the ramp, telling Braun that’s enough as we go back to break.

Back from commercial and Zayn and Foley are arguing in the ring. Byron interviews Mick and says it’s not action when Braun is in the ring and Sami is risking serious damage if he continues. Sometimes people need to be saved from themselves, he says, and this incites Sami’s ire. If anything, Sami says, he needs to be saved from Foley, who takes his orders from above and has forgotten who he is and where he’s from.

Foley gets agitated and says Stephanie wanted to fire him after he lost at Survivor Series and he arranged the match against Strowman as a substitute punishment. But he wasn’t being punished, he was being destroyed, and Mick says he’ll never win against a monster like Braun. Sami asks Mick how many times people told him he can’t do it and says he was his hero, and a hero to all these people, but he doesn’t look like a hero right now, he’s just a guy who’s in his way, taking away opportunities that he once got, or in short, a hypocrite.

Sami stalks off up the ramp and we cut to Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke backstage.

Dana interrupts Charlotte and gets yelled at. She’s here to tell her about her post-match celebrations, and Charlotte says tonight is important for cementing her status as the greatest woman superstar of all time, in her hometown, while ending her rivalry with Sasha Banks once and for all. She shoos Dana off and we go back to break.

Back from commercial with an ad for 205 Live, and then Cedric Alexander makes his entrance.

Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese

Collar and elbow, Nese gett a waistlock, Cedric reverses to a wristlock, Nese reverses to one of his own but Alexander gets out. Dropdown, leapfrog, Nese catches him one-handed but Cedric gets away for a headscissors takeover and a dropkick as Alicia Fox watches backstage for some reason.

Whip, Drew Gulak tries to trip Cedric but he spots it. Nese takes advantage of his lost focus with a triangle moonsault, whip, back elbow, crossface blows and a bodyscissors on the mat. Cedric fires back elbows and Nese takes him to a reverse chinlock for his trouble. Alexander out with an arm drag, uppercuts, handspring enzuigiri and he’s getting fired up.

Boots up in the corner, big knee to Tony’s face, Gulak up on the apron so Cedric clobbers him with a diving lariat but Nese is right there to catch him...

Tony Nese wins by pinfall with a pumphandle slam.

Cut to Enzo and Cass shilling WWE Shop for Cyber Monday.

Cole then hypes up Reigns/Owens for later and throws to commercial.

Back from break and we get a recap of the opening segment and the fallout therefrom before cutting to Jericho backstage, getting ready to leave. An interviewer rolls up to ask him if tonight’s argument is serious and he says it’s very serious. In this business you can count the amount of friends you have on one hand, and if Owens doesn’t need him, he doesn’t need Owens.

He yells at her to leave and carries on walking, getting to his car and yelling at his driver to open the door. The poor guy opens the door on the List, causing Jericho to drop it. Someone asks if he made the list and it’s Seth Rollins! He throws Y2J into a handy barricade and slams his face into the hood of a car before picking up the barricade and throwing it at him Genichiro Tenryu style!

Jericho dodges the barricade but gets thrown into cars some more. Rollins goes for the Pedigree but Jericho back drops him on top of the car. Seth drags him up top... PEDIGREE ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR!

We’re promised the Raw Women’s Championship match next and go to break.

Back from commercial and we get a recap of the Rollins/Jericho brawl.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Charlotte hits the ropes and lets out a “Wooo!” to start before taking Sasha down for a pin attempt that doesn’t even get one. Banks ducks a charge, Bank Statement! Flair gets the ropes with a bit of help from Dana Brooke and the Boss tosses Dana into the steps for her trouble. Shoulder block on the apron, Sasha up top for a diving crossbody. Off the ropes and she struts before firing off a big right hand.

To the apron and Flair clubs Banks to the floor with a forearm but on the floor Sasha takes charge and shoves her into the apron before they trade chops while referee John Cone counts. Sasha throws Charlotte into the the barricade but Flair is able to turn it around and shove her into it in turn. And again, as Cone counts excruciatingly slowly.

They fight into the crowd and John Cone counts eight for the second time in thirty seconds...

The match is a double count-out draw.

Mick Foley’s music hits and he says he’s not gonna let the match or the rivalry end like this. What they’ve done has transcended the women’s division, Raw, WWE, and it deserves better than a count-out, especially given SmackDown’s mindblowing matches announced for TLC. So he’s giving them a little rest before restarting later as a no-count-out, no-disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Commentary hypes up the Paul Heyman thing more, promising that he cried as if that’s a selling point, before hyping Owens/Reigns and throwing to break.

Back from commercial and Lana’s in the ring to introduce Rusev. He’s got a match against Enzo, so he and Big Cass come out to do the deal. Enzo says last week Rusev only beat him because it was the luckiest day of his life. He finds it flabbergasting and ironic that his luckiest day in the ring was also his wife’s luckiest day, because now she knows how Enzo is doing. He imagines they went home for the holidays, and Cass suggests a variety of Thanksgiving foods they may have eaten to a rousing chorus of “How you doin’?” for each one.

Speaking of turkey, Lana was thinking about Enzo stuffing hers through the meal, or so he speculates. Rusev is apoplectic, and Cass describes his character through spelling.

Enzo Amore vs. Rusev

Enzo charges right into a lariat from Rusev that knocks him to the mat. Rusev picks him up and jaws at him before kicking him full force in the dick...

Enzo Amore wins by disqualification.

Rusev yells at Enzo to never talk about his wife from up the ramp.

Commentary hypes our tag title match for later and we cut backstage to Rich Swann walking backstage ahead of his match against Noam Dar, which is next!

Back from commercial and Mark Henry’s being interviewed about a movie he’s in. They show a clip and Titus O’Neil rolls up, yelling about how he was supposed to get the part. It was supposed to be his Space Jam, and Mark stole it from him. Mark goes to walk away and Titus grabs him, so the World’s Strongest Man shoves him to the floor.

Back in the arena, Brian Kendrick is introduced on commentary for Swann/Dar.

Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

Dar gets a wristlock right away and wrenches it in. Swann flips out but Dar catches him with a side headlock. Shoot off, drop down, leapfrop, roll, Swann with a dropkick, goes for the knockout kick but Noam dodges. Leapfrog and Dar Penalty Kicks Rich’s leg out from under him! Referee Rod Zapata backs Dar off to check on him and when the action resumes, Noam whips Swann hard into the turnbuckle before firing strikes to the neck in a wristlock.

Neck crank armbar applied, Noam straight wrenching Swann’s head unholy but Rich is able to fight out with body blows. Off the ropes, shoulder thrust from Dar into a throat thrust, but Swann gets a roll-through into a roundhouse but the Rolling Thunder splash gets him caught by Dar’s knees. Rich Swann with a schoolboy for two...

Rich Swann wins by pinfall with the knockout kick.

Corey Graves then interviews Swann about his title shot on 205 Live tomorrow night, and Rich uses the opportunity to call Kendrick out. He asks if he’s out here to play mind games before saying he’s doubting himself because he already beat him twice. Two times! Tomorrow night, the third time is gonna be that much sweeter, because he’ll be taking that WWE Cruiserweight Championship home with him, and why? Because you can’t handle this, of course.

Swann dances in the ring a moment before the Paul Heyman interview gets another hype spot and we head to break.

Back from commercial and commentary talks up New Day closing in on Demolition’s record tag title right before recapping last week’s title match.

Cut to Sheamus in a bar with Tessa Blanchard. Cesaro rolls up and she steps away as they discuss their tag team. Inevitably they bicker but decide they did actually make a great tag team. A dude rolls up and asks if he’s the Irish fellow from Raw who got his ass kicked. Sheamus gets up but Cesaro asks him to be professional.

Zane Riley rolls up and tells Cesaro he doesn’t belong, before suggesting that they’re part of the Village People and burping in Cesaro’s face. Sheamus urges Cesaro to be professional and the Swiss national asks if they should leave before back elbowing a guy— it’s a bar brawl! Cesaro threw Riley clean through a wall!

Sheamus hops behind the bar and asks Cesaro what he’d like. Cesaro asks for a pint of Guinness and they toast to partnership.

Commentary hypes up Owens/Reigns more and we go to break once more.

Back from commercial and Roman makes his entrance.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

KO clobbers Roman in the corner before the bell even rings! Referee John Cone separates him and Owens yells for the bell. Roman’s okay to go, so Cone signals for it and Owens is right back in there on him with clubbing fists and a running boot that sends Reigns outside. Kevin follows and throws punches but Roman comes back with a few of his own and sends the champion back in the ring.

Owens bails on the other side and so Roman throws him into the barricade as Cone counts at a rather more brisk pace than he did for Sasha and Charlotte. KO whips Roman into the steps and throws him back in the ring for a senton that gets a nearfall and sends us to break.

Back from commercial and Roman comes off the ropes for his triple lariat combo ending with the leaping one. He charges in the corner but Owens switches places with Cone and hits a DDT for a nearfall. KO sets up the cannonball and hits it, leaving Reigns clutching his ribs as he locks a reverse chinlock in. Owens jaws as Roman fades, but the Big Dog ain’t out of it yet. Just as he stirs enough to try and break it, the champion drops a senton right on his back and goes back to the chinlock.

Roman stirs again and Owens goes for the senton a second time but the knees are up! Reigns crawls to his fet in the corner and fends KO off with a back elbow and does the corner lariats to follow. Off the ropes with a Mafia kick to finish the batch but he can’t get Kev up for a Samoan drop, so they go and slug it out, both men wobbling. Reigns wins the exchange with a successful Samoan drop and a nearfall.

He calls for the Superman Punch but Owens bails, so a change of gears in order to hit the Drive-By. Roman’s cut off with a knee and a superkick when he looks to capitalize back in the ring, and KO goes up top. Reigns is right there to cut him off with huge slaps to set up a superplex but Owens is able to fight out with right hands.

Superman Punch connects and drops KO to the mat and then outside! The champion drags himself up to the apron and eats a second Superman Punch off the steps! Back in the ring the Big Dog calls for the spear but runs into a boot. Owens off the ropes...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with the spear, becoming #1 contender to the WWE Universal Championship.

Commentary hypes up the Network and what you get in your free month if you subscribe for the first time today, including 205 Live, TLC, and Roadblock: End of the Line. More hype for our remaining title matches follows and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Owens is backstage with his title belt when an interviewer comes up. He’s dumbfounded that she would interview him right now, it’s clearly a bad time for him. And furthermore, he sees what happens to people who get interviewed by her, like his best friend Chris Jericho who got jumped afterward. He was distracted during the match, distraught from his concern for his friend, he says, and blames Mick Foley for not cancelling the match afterward.

Michael Cole then introduces his interview with Paul Heyman. He asks what happened, and Heyman admits they screwed up and have to take accountability for it. They took Goldberg lightly, and thought it’d be an easy payday. Cole asks how Brock has been doing and Paul accuses him of not caring before talking about how the broken ribs are fine, but the embarassment is real.

The match goes in the record books, Brock Lesnar losing in a minute twenty-six will last forever. It’s put Brock in the mindset that he has something to prove, and that scares Heyman. That moment can define you, destroy you, or drive you to greater heights, and think about what a Brock Lesnar with something to prove will be capable of.

Cole asks what’s next, and Paul says Brock will prove what he has to prove, so if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, Brock Lesnar in is in the Royal Rumble Match, and there’s only room for one winner, twenty-eight losers, and one victim. That victim, he says, is Goldberg.

Big E does the deal, so here comes New Day. They throw Booty-Os at commentary and Byron celebrates having cereal thrown at him like it’s Christmas, and we go to break.

Back from commercial with yet another Emma vignette, promising that the wait is almost over. I will believe it when I see it.

In the arena, Xavier gets on the mic, talking about breaking Demolition’s record, again inaccurately claiming the world title lineage on the way. You remembered once, dude! They do the owl gimmick to talk about beating Cesaro & Sheamus last week, but Omen in the Sky cuts them off before they can finish.

New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) (c) vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Anderson drops Xavier with a lariat right out the gates and hits a running powerbomb on him for a nearfall! Tag to Gallows, he levels Woods himself and tags Machine Gun back in. Xavier mounts a comeback but Karl cuts him off with a kick and tags Big Hoot in. Gallows lays Woods out with a roundhouse kick and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Gallows is still punishing Xavier but the New Day man gets some separation with an enzuigiri. Tags made, E hits the trifect of belly-to-belly suplexes, pops his hips, and clotheslines Gallows over ther ropes. Looking for the Big Ending, Anderson slips out and hits a Sick Kick for a nearfall!

Machine Gun off the ropes, E ducks... SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES! Tag to Xavier, they set up Midnight Hour but Gallows catches E with a superkick and Woods dives into a spinning spinebuster from Anderson for a nearfall. Tag to the Big Hoot again, Anderson heads up top, powerbomb neckbreaker combo! Xavier caught Karl’s knee on the way down too, looked like it hurt.

He slips out of the Magic Killer, E comes in and eats a chokebomb from Gallows. Anderson picks Woods up in a fireman’s carry but the champion slips out, going for the Honor Roll, Karl dodges and Woods catches him with a rolling elbow. Karl with an O’Connor roll and a handful of tights, Xavier reverses, grabs a handful of tights himself...

New Day win by pinfall with an O’Connor roll from Woods on Karl Anderson, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

New Day celebrate on the ramp, and Xavier proclaims himself to be Kickout King.

Backstage Sasha is getting ready to restart her title match when Bayley rolls up to wish her luck. But Bayley knows Sasha doesn’t need it because she’s beaten Charlotte before, and Banks says it’s not about her. It’s about the title, and all the ways Charlotte has disrespected her and even disrespected her own father. Charlotte (the city) needs some celebration, she says, and so she’s dedicating her win to Ric tonight.

Off to break we go, the match is next!

Back from commercial just in time for Sasha’s entrance.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Collar and elbow to start, they push each other all around the ring until Charlotte throws Sasha in the corner. She ends up outside and Sasha throws a suicide dive crossbody into some grounded punches and a straight suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Banks ducks a lariat and kicks Flair to the outside. Charlotte ducks a dive off the apron and they wipe each other out with double lariats to send us back to break.

Back from commercial and Charlotte has the figure four headscissors on but has to break when Sasha pushes her onto her shoulders. The champion moves on to a Japanese stranglehold with a knee to the back, wrenching her down to the mat. Banks fights out and Flair shoots her off the ropes, escapes a sunset flip and stomps the challenger’s face to the mat before going for the figure four.

Sasha gets out of it, pop-up Meteora! Corner knees set up the turnbuckle double knee drop but Charlotte slips to the apron. Champion looking for a suplex to the floor but Sasha blocks and lands on the apron, where they go chop for chop until Banks forces Flair up against the ringpost. Charlotte knocks her down to the mat with a big boot from there, and the Boss may be out of it... BUT SHE KICKS OUT!

Charlotte throws her into the barricade and hits Natural Selection with a step-up from the steps but it’s only good for a nearfall. Banks has a kendo stick and wails on the champion with it something unholy. Charlotte tries to wrench it away but fails and eats one last strike to the leg on a boot. Flair looking for a suplex, Sasha lands on her feet, and Charlotte turns it into a swinging neckbreaker.

Figure four locked in on the outside, bridging to the Figure Eight but the Boss is fighting and clobbers her with the kendo stick to break it. Both women crawl and stumble towards the ramp, and Charlotte starts leading with chops and a boot but Sasha’s able to fire forearms back. Bulldog headlock from the champ to lead her to the announce table, which she starts disassembling.

They slug it out some more and Charlotte tries to set Sasha on the table but she flops to the stage. Charlotte’s up on the table...MOONSAULT! NOT ENOUGH! Flair drags Banks by the arm to the base of the ramp before drawing her to her feet and looking to Lawn Dart her into the barricade but Sasha blocks and sends her into the ringpost and the barricade. Back body drop follows and Banks climbs up on the barricade... METEORA!

More kendo stick shots across the champion’s back as they fight into the crowd. Slugging it out now, forearms and chops, all Charlotte as Sasha backs up the steps until she hangs Charlotte up in a railing for knee lifts. The Bank Statement is applied...

Sasha Banks wins by submission with the Bank Statement, becoming the NEW WWE Raw Women’s Champion!

Ric Flair comes out and raises Sasha’s hand. Sasha celebrates by herself after, and that’s the show, folks.