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Daniel Bryan is still courting Cesaro for SmackDown, and it probably doesn’t matter

When Cesaro noticed he wasn’t on the promotional poster WWE released plugging its return to his home country, he took to Twitter to air his grievances. That may or may not be a smart play, depending on the day of the week and what mood Vince McMahon is in.

Naturally, SmackDown Live General Manager took the opportunity to court Cesaro to the blue brand once again:

It probably won’t matter, what with Cesaro knee deep in a lame storyline with Sheamus in the tag team division. We’ve seen the tease of title trade offs, and there has been trade talk, but most of it has come from Bryan and no one else.

We can reasonably expect there aren’t any changes coming anytime soon. Then again, perhaps that’s why they’re on Twitter pushing for it so hard. If they can get it over on social media...

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