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Kenny Dykstra fired from his job for missing work to wrestle in WWE, where he isn’t even signed

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This is almost an inspirational story.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Kenny Dykstra recently lost his day job at a non-profit charity where he was a director because he was missing so much work. He was missing, of course, because he’s back in WWE trying to make it in the tag team division on SmackDown Live.

Only two members of the Spirit Squad returned when WWE called back in early October, and they’ve been helping The Miz battle Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental championship.

Here’s the thing: WWE has yet to sign Dykstra (or his tag partner in the Spirit Squad, Mikey) to a full time deal. So he’s risking everything in the hopes of getting a new contract, which certainly isn’t guaranteed considering his last run with the company.

Stay tuned.