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That native son Cesaro is missing from it is the least weird thing about this Swiss WWE Live poster

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The Swiss Superman’s depressing week continued when he discovered he’s not on this poster for WWE’s return to his homeland next May...

While his tag partner offered a possible explanation (that of course made fun of Cesaro, because GET IT? THEY DON’T GET ALONG!):

And Snapchat aficionado Rusev offered a potential solution:

But it can be fixed!

While that’s all wacky good fun, there are actually much bigger issues going on with this poster. Oddly enough, all involve Sheamus & Cesaro’s rivals, the New Day. For one thing, there is an extra Xavier Woods’ face growing either out of Big E’s abs or X’s own arm:

And then there’s Karl Anderson’s arm having been somehow fused with Kofi Kingston’s head and shoulder:

Can we stop disrespecting the King of Swing?

And maybe nip this New Day body-horror in the bud?

I mean, slow news day and all, but... yeesh.