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Tyson Kidd confirms he’s off Total Divas, says WWE doesn’t want his ‘situation explained’


While chatting with some fans during Total Divas this past Wednesday (Nov. 23), TJ “Tyson Kidd” Wilson confirmed that Alberto Del Rio isn’t the only significant other we won’t be seeing on the popular E! reality show’s sixth season.

Fan expressed their disappointment - in addition to being a great pro wrestler, Natalya’s husband got over for how he reacted to the wild ‘real’-life drama which went on around him during Total Divas - with one person saying she’d hoped his “situation” would be explained during this season.

Presumably what’s being referred to is Wilson’s injury, which at this point looks to have been career-ending. The neck fracture which required spinal fusion surgery occurred during a match with Samoa Joe in July 2015.

While there have been no reports of major issues between Kidd and WWE, and Natalya is obviously still working for both Total Divas and the core wrestling product as part of the SmackDown roster, there’s been criticism of the situation, notably from his extended Hart family (Wilson trained at Stu Hart’s “Dungeon” and Natty’s mother is one of Stu’s daughters).

Bret Hart called the move which resulted in the injury, Joe’s muscle buster finisher, “reckless” and blasted company officials for not giving the wrestlers enough time to plan the match. But the story they may really want to keep off television is the one Bruce Hart’s told of how WWE downplayed the incident initially, leaving Natty to drive her husband to the hospital by herself.

Kidd shot down Bruce’s story, or at least said the story his uncle-in-law told didn’t come from him. But whatever details we’ll get about the incident will probably continue to come from podcasts and other shoot interviews with people not under contract from WWE... because it certainly doesn’t sound like we’ll see the story - or Tyson Kidd - on Total Divas.

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