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Shane McMahon shows up on SmackDown Live: ‘I feel like I was in a car accident’

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This week’s episode of SmackDown Live in Ottawa opened with a Shane McMahon promo. Yes, that’s the same Shane McMahon who looked like he was totally knocked silly by a Roman Reigns spear out of mid-air while he was attempting a Coast-to-Coast at Survivor Series just a couple nights ago.

He didn’t address his injury status, which would seem to indicate he’s fine. All he said was “I feel like I’ve been in a car accident” while giving props to Reigns for “nearly separating me from my Jordans.”

Reports coming out of the show indicated McMahon was walking around backstage clearly hurt but telling everyone he was fine. He certainly appeared fine during tonight’s show.

Then again, he did give Dean Ambrose the night off for being too much of a lunatic before booking James Ellsworth, in a neck brace, in a ladder match against AJ Styles with a contract on the line.

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