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Don’t worry, Nikki Bella didn’t miss Survivor Series because of a real injury

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Don’t think too many people were concerned, but just in case, the latest Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended) clears things up for us...

Nikki Bella was not actually injured by an unknown assailant backstage at Air Canada Centre on Sunday, Nov. 20.


In all seriousness, it was the kind of twist WWE would do to cover for a real injury, so this information from Dave Meltzer is welcome - if a little spoiler-y.

The woman with the longest Divas title reign in history being written out of the elimination tag match between Raw and SmackDown has long been the plan, having been in place for weeks and not the result of any last minute re-write to cover for a legitimate injury to the Fearless One. Meltzer speculated this was done in order to setup her next feud against Natalya, the wrestler who took her place in the match.

So, don’t worry, Bella Army, your queen is okay. Looks like she will be staying out of the SmackDown title picture in order to do a program where the announcers can plug Total Divas a lot, though.

How does that sound?