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The Shield reunion at Survivor Series was beautiful

With a team from Monday Night Raw (featuring Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) taking on a team from SmackDown Live (featuring Dean Ambrose) at Survivor Series (where they all broke on the scene in WWE in 2012) last night (Nov. 20, 2016) in Toronto, there was always the chance WWE would tease us with a mini-Shield reunion.

They did.

And it was beautiful.

Sure, it’s still difficult to think of The Shield potentially reuniting for an actual run because the wounds created by Rollins’ betrayal run so deep. He tore our hearts out and stomped on them. We can never forget that.

But when Ambrose was fighting off a group of security guards trying to get him out of arena and away from AJ Styles, you could see the moment Rollins and Reigns noticed, decided it was not okay, and did something about it. That “something” was putting the boots to the entire group.

When they all came together again, delivering a triple powerbomb to Styles, all felt right in the world, if only for a few minutes. Thankfully, we have some GIFs to relive it:

Believe in The Shield.

(But not too much, Rollins might chair shot you in the back.)

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