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WWE Survivor Series 2016 results: Goldberg squashes Brock Lesnar




Brock Lesnar met Bill Goldberg in the main event of tonight’s (Sun., Nov. 20, 2016) Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The two bulls met in the center of the ring before the bell rang. When it did, Lesnar picked Goldberg up and ran him into the post.

It didn’t faze the former WCW champion one bit.

He responded by pushing Brock to the mat. When he stood up, Goldberg speared him once. Then he speared him again. Then he picked him up for a Jackhammer and pinned him.

Just like that.

Goldberg wins.

Lesnar loses.

It took just four moves.

After, Goldberg grabbed his son from the crowd and brought him into the ring to celebrate in front of a crowd that showered them with cheers. A good time appeared to be had by all.

What a match.

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