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Cesaro and Sheamus will get a tag title shot tomorrow at Raw

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It is a reward for being the sole survivors in the tag elimination match.


Tonight (Nov. 20, 2016) at Survivor Series at the Air Canada Centre, Cesaro and Sheamus were the sole survivors in the tag team elimination match.

We learned soon after that as a reward that the men would get another tag team title shot against the New Day tomorrow night on Raw. They had a shot against the New Day prior and actually won by disqualification but that doesn’t win them the belts. Now they’ll get that second chance.

The New Day did not have a good showing tonight, being the first team for Raw eliminated and eliminated very early on the match. So this is just as much a punishment for the New Day for not getting it done as it is a reward for Cesaro and Sheamus.

Cesaro and Sheamus have been working much better together as of late so they’ll have a better chance to claim the gold tomorrow.

You can find all the results from tonight’s Survivor Series here.