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Enzo Amore explains how he got his name

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From his interview with The Post and Courier:

"My name is an acronym for EA — EA All Day. It's a persona that I developed over the years in sports as a caricature of myself. On the field, in practice, in the weight room, I was just a character and a personality. If you remember watching The Miz at the time when he was on 'Real World,' he was a character known as The Miz. He always wanted to get into sports entertainment as did I. In a very similar likeness, I was EA All Day. So that acronym EA is where Enzo Amore came from."

There was a time that comparing himself to The Miz in any meaningful way would have been laughable but it’s an apt comparison in this instance, and Amore can only hope to have a career equal to the body of work Miz has put together. Either way, “Enzo Amore” is an all time pro wrestling name, so this worked out for everybody.