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Big Cass serenading his girlfriend Carmella with her own entrance theme is the best thing you’ll see today

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Sounds like the party WWE threw in Orlando to celebrate WrestleMania 33 tickets going on sale yesterday (Nov. 17) was a hoot.

There were matches - including one from recent signee Sarah “Crazy Mary Dobson” Bridges and what sounds like a barnburner between Andrade “Cien” Almas and TJ Perkins, meet & greets and question & answer sessions with talents ranging from Charlotte Flair to Austin Aries, and lots of shenanigans.

On that last front, while I’m sure Booker T making Titus O’Neil do a spinaroonie was fun, this is the coolest thing I saw from social media postings about the event. Seems people noticed Big Cass lip synching “Fabulous”, the entrance music for SmackDown Superstar Carmella, who also happens to be his sweetie. Renee Young & Booker playfully encouraged him to grab a mic and sing it for real. We all know the Queens native can sing (who can forget his NXT feud with Aiden English? Oh, everybody but me? Alrightee then), and, well...

There’s so much to love her, even beyond karaoke Cass:

- Hype man Booker
- Titus’ smile
- Neville’s laugh
- Carmella’s smile & laugh
- Cesaro proving he may speak five languages, but he can’t snap to the beat
- Renee being Renee

They should put this on the card at Mania. I’d buy a ticket.