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Kane on anti-Donald Trump protesters: ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’

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"You were talking about the people that didn't vote, and unfortunately you're always going to have those folks that any time there is trouble they're going to be attracted to it. I'm more interested in people that are actually genuine in their protesting. For me, it's like 'what are you trying to accomplish? You go out and you show the world that you're extremely angry. Guess what, sunshine? No one cares. If you want to do something constructive, get out of your echo chamber, get off Facebook and social media where everybody is talking about the same thing that you agree with, stop denigrating and screaming at people you don't agree with, and go talk with your neighbor who maybe voted for Donald Trump. What you're going to find is they're not a homophobe, racist, bigot. What they are is generally a common, hard working, decent person who is fed up with a permanent Washington political overclass. They're tired of people in Washington not looking out for their interest but looking out for the interest of the very rich and the very powerful. Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders, doesn't it? We travel all over the world and what I've found is that people in general want the same thing, they want a decent living for their families. But instead of starting from that point we start with what we disagree on and how to reach that. So I think what's more constructive would be if we did talk about what brings us together and what we all want. You're not going to do that by causing all sorts of property damage."

Many Americans across the United States have continued protesting the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the country. Some of those protests have turned violent and resulted in property damage. Kane doesn’t seem to be advocating for Trump so much as speaking out against the idea of continued protests, which he believes aren’t likely to effect change.

Agree with his points?