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Charlotte on Ric Flair saying WWE had to change Hell in a Cell match with Sasha Banks: ‘My dad likes to glorify things’

Earlier this month, Ric Flair made headlines when he said WWE had to make changes to the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks Hell in a Cell match because they were worried the latter would get hurt. He claimed they “took two huge spots out of the match.”

Sporting News caught up with Charlotte and asked about the idea she was going to attempt something wild. Her response:

“If you're referencing my dad (laughs), my dad likes to glorify things. No, I thought Sasha and I killed it. I thought for the first ever women's Hell in a Cell — I don't regret anything. We were nervous about how to ... because we had never been inside the cage or knew if we could climb up it or anything or what our parameters were going to be before the match, what they would allow us to do.”

They certainly had a good match, though the fact that Charlotte won the title back from Banks in Sasha’s hometown of Boston left a sour taste in the mouth of nearly every fan in the building. Perhaps they had more planned and didn’t go with it, for whatever reason, but we be sure Charlotte is right about her father’s ... uh ... flair for the dramatic.

I’m so sorry.

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