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Roman Reigns ups his Twitter game; gets a plug in for the Network while owning some hater

Whether it’s because they think he’s “unfairly” been pushed as a main eventer or just because they don’t like him as a performer, a lot of WWE fans are probably never going to come around on Roman Reigns, no matter what he does.

That being the case, best thing the Big Dog can do is learn to shut them all the way down on occassion.

Which is exactly what he did to this dude.

First, guy (not to be confused with THE Guy) jumps in when he sees Romey is online and responding to some Tweets, letting him know that in his learned opinion, Reigns is not as good as SmackDown’s AJ Styles:

The United States champ laughes that off and encourages him to check the times he went over AJ on the company’s streaming service (for just $9.99!):

Undetered - and noticing that the Roman Empire is quick to jump to the Big Dog’s defense on social media - dude swings back with what he clearly thinks is a clever observation about how arenas respond to him... and throws in a hashtag jab at his suspension from the Summer, too:

And that’s when Reigns hits him with the Twitter version of a Drive-By, and a Superman Punch, and a Spear...

Oddly enough, dude didn’t respond to that one.

He also took care of somebody complaining about how he holds the belt, of all things, but that wasn’t as impressive to me as this exchange. You can find it here.

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