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Report: Taz, Bubba Ray Dudley & Tommy Dreamer backstage at SmackDown 900 (Possible spoiler)

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PW Insider broke the news earlier today that the women on the Raw Survivor Series team are backstage for tonight’s (Nov. 15, 2016) episode of SmackDown Live in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Now, they’ve reported on yet another name backstage for the show.


Taz was the longtime color commentator for SmackDown after the first brand split. He left the company in 2009 for a run in TNA at its commentary desk until 2015. Of late, he’s hosted a talk show with CBS Radio that covers the pro wrestling industry.

The report notes it’s unclear why exactly he’s there and if he will make an appearance on the show tonight but it’s reasonable to assume his being there for the 900th episode is no coincidence.


Insider also has word Tommy Dreamer & Bubba Ray Dudley are backstage. Bubba Tweeted this out earlier today:

Their report goes on to say, however, that all three ECW alums were filming material for a WWE Network production earlier today. It’s possible all three are doing something related to their old promotion while WWE has a crew in the Philadelphia area, and aren’t scheduled for SmackDown at all. We’ll know in just a bit, when the 900th episode starts broadcasting live at 8:00PM Eastern.

Stay tuned.