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Here’s Daniel Bryan mentioning TNA on WWE Network during ‘The State of the WWE Universe’ special

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Not sure how many folks tuned in to The State of the WWE Universe special on WWE Network last night (Nov. 14) after Raw. I know I didn’t race to watch it, having already gotten my fill of authority figures arguing from Raw’s main event before Team SmackDown showed up for some brawling.

As my main man ReverendKain said, “it was enjoyable, but it wasn't on the level of the best stuff Talking Smack has done.”

The highlight throughout, as is often the case with Talking Smack, was SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan in “worked shoot”-mode. The Beard isn’t afraid to take some legit shots at Team Red to tout his product, and that was on full display in The State of the WWE Universe.

The moment folks are really buzzing about came at the end. It punctuated an exchange where Raw GM Mick Foley said he was a better manager than Bryan because, unlike DB, Mick isn’t still thinking about wrestling all the time.

As you can see in this Tweeted clip (H/T: Pro Wrestling Sheet), Bryan fires back - and mentions a company that doesn’t get mentioned a lot on WWE shows:

You can’t hold it against me that I would rather be in the ring wrestling than being the General Manager because, 2001 when you quit, what did you do? You went to TNA and you went to wrestle.

This came toward the end of the special, and after Stephanie McMahon steers the conversation back to plugging Survivor Series, the show ends. Those kind of awkward wrap-ups are a hallmark of the best Talking Smack episodes, and really contribute to the “shoot” feel.

Is that what happened here? Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.