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Chris Jericho says his 2016 WWE run has ‘cemented’ him as a top guy in the business

It’s unclear when the latest Chris Jericho run through WWE will end. Jericho’s told us he believes his program with Kevin Owens is “just beginning”. But he’s also open about wanting to get back to being a rock ‘n’ roll singer with his band Fozzy... not to mention his acting career, his growing podcast network, promoting his upcoming fourth book, etc, etc.

One thing that’s clear is - after a rocky start - his WWE work in 2016 will end up being viewed as a highlight of his pro wrestling career. Jericho may not be one of the best in the world in terms of workrate any longer, but he’s still a heck of an in-ring storyteller, and his wrestling’s improved as the year’s gone along. Character-wise, his talent has really shined. The list-making, gift-offering character who turned on AJ Styles and befriended Owens is arguably among the best of his long career, with fans debating where it ranks among past gimmicks and re-inventions like the WCW cruiserweight “Man of 1,004 Holds” or the slow-talking, suit-wearing villain who tormented Shawn Michaels in 2007-08.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun published last week (Nov. 9), Jericho was asked about his pro wrestling “legacy”. Though he deflected the use of that word to describe a career and life that encompasses more than just WWE, he’s clearly proud of the work and what it says about him as what his boss would call a sports entertainer:

I think this past year in the WWE has really cemented my, not legacy, but cemented Jericho as one of the top guys in the business 26 years later.

I find that hard to argue with, but I’m a card-carrying Jericholic.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Has Y2J’s status in the game risen in your eyes as a result of being able to drink in his gifts this year?

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