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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 14, 2016): Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar face-to-face, Survivor Series go home

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 14, 2016) from the Keybank Center in Buffalo, New York featuring the go home show to the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Advertised for tonight: Goldberg and Brock Lesnar finally come face-to-face, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come over from SmackDown Live, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



From the back streets there's a rumblin' smell of anarchy. No more nice time, bright boy shoe shines, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with every participant on Raw's side of the Survivor Series on the stage and Stephanie McMahon & Mick Foley in the ring. Steph says she's asked them to stand and be recognized because they're the best of the best, and they will have the opportunity to prove it on Sunday. She says Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan will be here tonight and reminds us that Bryan called Raw superstars lazy and complacent. Mick says it's more than just Raw vs SmackDown, though, it's about proving which top champion is more dominant, about which member of the Shield is the weakest link, and about all the women proving to the world that Raw is the place to go for women's competition.

Steph asks Enzo & Cass how they're doing and Mick nearly breaks his hip trying to do Enzo's dance. She says they can prove to American Alpha that they're the best up-and-coming team. She tells Brian Kendrick and Sami Zayn that they have the chance to defend Raw's superiority in their title matchs. Tonight she needs everyone to prove they can work as a team or else she and Mick Foley will make some serious changes. Foley calls Sheamus and Cesaro forward asking if anyone has believed in them like he has. He says they've proved they can put aside their differences to form a cohesive tag team unit, and they get another chance tonight as they have a tag match against Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns.

He tries to start the match right now and Steph cuts him off, saying they have one more match to make. She talks about how Rollins powerbombed Jericho onto Braun and through a table, but they have to team up in a six-man against New Day. They keep rolling, Mick making a women's tag, Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox & Nia Jax, and then Mick goes back to starting Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns.

Commentary puts over the Brock Lesnar / Goldberg face to face and throws to break.


Back from commercial in time for Owens and Reigns to make entrances, which is weird since they were all on the ramp just a minute ago.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns

Roman and Cesaro start, collar and elbow tie-up, Reigns gets a side headlock, Cesaro shoots him off but the Big Dog levels him with a shoulder block. Leapfrog into a dropkick from the Swiss national, then a whip, he charges in but Roman gets a boot up and clobbers him with a leaping lariat. Wristlock, Reigns looking for a tag but KO doesn't want it and Cesaro shoots the US Champion into his corner. He and Sheamus make quick tags, throwing uppercuts at Roman, one after the other, but they have a bit of an argument and Reigns drops Sheamus with a right.

Flurry of uppercuts from Cesaro but Sheamus cuts him off with a tag before the big one. Cesaro whips Roman into a slingshot shoulder block from the Irishman. Sheamus dives into a right hand and gets thrown out, but Cesaro got a tag on the way and comes in, trying to swing Reigns. He dumps Roman outside and Owens heads over to yell at his tag partner only for both men to get hit by a corkscrew crossbody from Cesaro! We go to break as they writhe in the aisle.

Back from commercial and Owens is in with Cesaro. The Swiss Superman hits a jawbreaker for separation but Owens knocks Sheamus off the apron before the tag. Cesaro throwing hands, Kev heads to the second for a tornado DDT. He denies Roman the tag and clobbers Cesaro with a lariat to set up the cannonball for two. Reverse chinlock in, trying to ground Cesaro now.

Cesaro to his feet and out with elbows, off the ropes, duck the lariat, springboard crossbody! Tag to Sheamus, he runs over Owens a few times and fires a high knee that sends him to the apron for the Beats of the Bodhran. Looking for a Finlay Roll, KO sends him outside and tags Reigns in. Sheamus and Roman brawling on the outside, he launches Sheamus into the steps knee-first and clobbers him with a lariat off the steps after. Drive-By connects and he sends Sheamus back in the ring.

Corner lariats now, finishing with the big right hand. The Big Dog calls for the Superman Punch and connects on the first try but Cesaro breaks up the pin. Superkick from Owens sets up a Superman Punch on Cesaro and Reigns is calling for the spear but KO tags in. Reigns gets in his face and Sheamus levels Kev with the Brogue Kick! Spear on Sheamus! Roman drags Owens on top of Sheamus...

Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns win by pinfall with an unconscious lateral press from Owens on Sheamus.

Commentary puts over the idea that getting along with people you don't like is hard before recapping the powerbomb through the table from the five-way last week.

Cut to Braun, Seth, and Jericho backstage. Y2J asks why they're glaring at each other when their teammates won their match without fighting at all. He claims to be the captain of tonight's squad and wants to get rid of the bad vibes. He knows Braun is mad about getting put through a table and Seth is mad about Braun attacking him, but that's in the past! He got them a token of team appreciation and hands them presents.

Seth opens his and looks like he smelled a dead fart.

It's the Scarf of Jericho, try it on, man. Rollins says he's not a scarf guy and gives it back to Jericho. Jericho wonders who isn't a scarf guy but vows that he and Braun will wear theirs like a team. Braun says he wants the scarf Jericho is wearing. Chris babbles about how valuable it is but gives him the scarf and puts the scarf he got Braun on. Braun, meanwhile, tears his scarf and throws it in Jericho's face. He doesn't like scarves, and he doesn't like Jericho.

Michael Cole is still excited about Goldberg and Brock, and sends us to break on an ad for SmackDown tomorrow night.


Back from commercial and commentary shills the Network in service of how you'll get TakeOver: Toronto, Survivor Series, and TLC for free if you're a first-time subscriber.

Toss to video of a backstage confrontation earlier in the night between Bo and Sami to set up their match here.

Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn

Circling, collar and elbow, Bo gets a wristlock, Sami rolls through and reverses it, dropping Dallas to the mat. Zayn back to the arm, Bo raking his head to try and break but Sami stays on him, working a hammerlock. Dallas backs him in the corner and throws pummeling back elbows until referee Rod Zapata pulls him off. Kicks follow, then a short-arm clothesline and wicked knee drops to the face and one final one to the back of the neck that's good for two.

Bo with a cravate in, Sami flips him out of it and levels him with a lariat. Dallas charges in and eats the corner exploder...

Sami Zayn wins by pinfall with the Helluva Kick.

Byron Saxton interviews Sami, telling him that tomorrow night, he'll know who he's wrestling at Survivor Series. Whether he has to beat the Poison tribute act or the community theater artist, it doesn't matter, because he's gonna bring the Intercontinental Championship back to Raw.

Commentary promises the trios match up next and sends us to break with an ad for TakeOver: Toronto.


Back from commercial and we're backstage with the cruiserweight division when Brian Kendrick rolls up. He addresses them, saying everybody's concerned that there's a lot riding on the line when he defends his title against Kalisto on Sunday. He wants to put everyone at ease, because not only is he a surefire bet to retain, but he's also their standard bearer and savior.

TJP calls him a soapbox hero and says they don't need a savior. Rich Swann says he's got two victories over Brian Kendrick, and if he gets one more, that dude can't handle him. Noam Dar says there's no chance they believe a word of this. Kendrick asks if he's ever lied to them, and they all agree he has. Sin Cara steps up and says his friend Kalisto will make a respectable champion, and if Kendrick wants to save them, he needs to save himself.

Big E does his thing and New Day make their entrance. They have a shopping cart full of swag with them today. Xavier introduces us to their newest member, Francesca II Turbo, and says there's a reason New Day have been tag champions for almost 450 days. Kofi continues, saying it's because they know how to survive. E adds that with winter and coughing season around the corner, we can all benefit from the New Day survival kit, which is the shopping cart.

Get some New Day socks, stuff that sock with a unicorn horn. Xavier actually makes to stick a horn in a sock, with all the obvious visual implications thereto. Booty-Os are also in the survival kit, and Kofi chucks a box into the crowd. E tells you to make sure to grab your mammy and pappy and get some New Day swag before Survivor Series. Hip swiveling, tromboning, etc.

The trios match is up next!


Back from break, commentary put over the State of the WWE thing for after the show, and then it's time for the rest of the entrances for the Man Event of our evening.

Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, & Seth Rollins vs. New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingson, & Xavier Woods)

Jericho insists on starting for his side and ends up opposite of Kofi. Kingston with a waistlock, standing switch, Jericho with a takedown but Kofi grabs a hammerlock. Y2J out with a back elbow and chops, a whip, Kofi goes low for a sunset flip and high for a dropkick. Arm drag into an armbar, tag to Xavier, Jericho tags Rollins in with a chop after Seth jaws at him.

Collar and elbow, Seth with a waistlock, Woods gets wrist control. Rollins reverses, Xavier reverses again, arm drag, Rollins with a grounded side headlock. To his feet, he shoots Seth off the ropes and gets bowled over by a shoulder block. Leapfrog, the Architect with a trip, Woods returns the favor, more exchanges into a Sling Blade by Rollins.

Tag to Jericho, who comes off the top with a double axehandle. Charges in, Woods blocks and hits the Honor Roll for two. Arm wringer, tag to Kofi, who comes in with a running knee, sliding lariat from Woods, tag to E, Big Splash! Tag to Woods, Lawn Dart into two gamengiris! Kofi tags in for some reason and Woods plays the trombone. Kingston charges in, Jericho gets a boot up and tags Braun in with a chop.

Kofi throws kicks at the big man and slides under but Strowman drops him with an inverted bodyslam and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Strowman fires off a brutal elbow drop on Kofi before dragging him up for crossface blows. He's got a trapezius claw in now but Kingston fights out with a jawbreaker and Rollins tags himself in. Capture backbreaker gets two and he goes to a rear chinlock before turning it into a Cobra Clutch. Kofi fights out with body blows and ends up shoved in the corner for a Stinger splash.

Kingston gets some separation with that Trevor Lee pop-up stomp and tags Braun back in. Braun ends up shoulder-first in the ringpost almost immediately and Jericho comes in against Xavier. Woods throwing dropkicks, he charges in and Y2J dumps him to the apron so he hits a tornado DDT but Strowman breaks up the pin like a human missile. Kofi with the step-up dive off E's back but Braun catches him and dumps him before taking out E.

Rolling elbow from Woods begets a jumping knee from Rollins, he hooks the Pedigree clutch but Jericho tags in. Looking for the Walls of Jericho, Xavier reverses to an inside cradle and Y2J hits an enzuigiri. Tag to Strowman...

Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, & Seth Rollins win by pinfall with a running powerslam from Braun on Xavier Woods.

Jericho and Rollins bicker while Braun paces. Jericho claims he's the captain now and Seth has had enough, and hits a Pedigree.

Corey Graves promises a segment coming to discuss the State of the WWE deal and we go to break.


Back from commercial and Steph and Mick are talking about how crazy it is that wrestlers can work together when Paul Heyman rolls up clapping. He agrees that it'll be a Raw to remember and tells Mick he looks sharp tonight and says he loves when that McMahon spirit comes out in Steph, it's like staring into a fire. She asks him how he's feeling after getting speared and says the extra padding must help. Paul E laughs it off and says he's only sore when he breathes.

But on Sunday, Goldberg won't be wrestling him, he'll be wrestling Brock, and anybody that wants to see the beating can do so on Sunday. And Brock is representing Raw, which is great given that Shane is on the SmackDown roster and word around the locker room is that their team is looking pretty good. He leaves and Steph says they need to make sure Brock/Goldberg doesn't happen until Survivor Series. Mick gets on the phone and requests more security.

Cut to Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks backstage, bickering. Sasha says she's not the only one around her who dislikes Charlotte, and Flair says ever since she won at Hell in a Cell, Sasha's been jealous. Sasha says she gets a rematch but they're putting that on hold right now, but on Monday she'll prove that the belt belongs with her. Tonight Charlotte claims she's gonna teach Sasha how to win when it matters. Sasha says on Sunday if they lose it'll be on Charlotte as captain.

Byron hypes up their match for later and we go back in the arena with Brian Kendrick making his entrance. He's got a match, and it's next.


Back from break and Sin Cara makes his entrance.

Brian Kendrick vs. Sin Cara

Kendrick blindsides him before the bell rings, throwing him into the ringpost! He dumps Sin outside and poses, happy with himself. Cara crawls back in and says he's ready, at which point Kendrick is right there with a charging forearm and a straight suplex into disdainful kicks to the back and hammer blows. More strikes and a cravate locked in as he yells at Sin Cara to give up.

Sin out with body blows and Kendrick throws him to the mat. Choking Cara against the bottom rope now, and into an inverted cravate before dragging him into the corner and up top with a front chancery, looking for a tornado DDT. Sin blocks and throws a northern lights suplex for a nearfall. More choking on the ropes, Sin Cara with big right hands but Kendrick whips him across. Cara holds on the ropes and back drops Kendrick outside, following up with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Sin gets fired up and clotheslines Brian outside. He throws a suicide dive on the other side but Kendrick sidesteps him and swats him into the barricade, sending us to break.

Back from commercial and Kendrick is choking Sin in the tree of woe, like you do. Shoulder thrust, Cara dodges a second and heads up top for a turning crossbody that gets a nearfall. Regalplex! Not enough! Dodging but Sin catches Brian with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and follows with a sitout powerbomb for two. Stiff kick to the back and he draws Kendrick to his feet for a chop and pushes him in the corner for more. Whip a cross, Kendrick pops up and they collide awkwardly.

Sin blocks a lariat and hits a springboard back elbow for two before setting the champion up top and throwing more chops. Up to the second himself but Kendrick shoves him away and runs over. Reverse chinlock takeover into the Captain's Hook...

Brian Kendrick wins by submission with the Captain's Hook.

Commentary puts over an eight-man tag for later.

We cut backstage with Enzo & Cass when the Club rolls up. They call them Professor X and Professor x. Anderson says they may be teaming together tonight against Shining Stars and Golden Truth, but as long as they remember their place, they'll win. Gallows says they're best at being mean and making green, and Enzo says lay off the Gerber because then their poop will be colored correctly.


Cass points out that if they stab their teammates in the back they'll lose, and Enzo says if he gets stabbed, he'll pull Excalibur out and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Commentary talks about WWE 2K17 a bit and we cut to Mick Foley backstage briefing security before heading to break.


Back from commercial and security is dividing the ring in half.

Brock makes his entrance, Paul Heyman in tow. Brock gets in the ring and pushes his way through the security guys.

Goldberg out now, through the backstage as is his custom. He paces on his side of the ring as the crowd chants for him.

Paul does his spiel and Goldberg yells that it has nothing to do with him, it's about him and Brock. Heyman concurs with his assessment and gets cut off by the crowd chanting more. He continues, saying that's why he implores Goldberg to consider his opinion-- Goldberg yells at him to shut up and consider getting these rent-a-cops out of the ring so the only two real men in this ring can get it on.

Heyman tells the crowd not to encourage him, so of course they chant more. He can admit, you threw him off his game, so he's gonna start over. Goldberg once again yells at him to shut up. Paul E continues, sounding like he's about to cry, and says that these brave men are not rent-a-cops, they're here for Goldberg's protection. The crowd can chant his name, and they do.

Paul starts over again, to boos, this time talking about how his client is the only thing that should be on Goldberg's mind, not the brave men in uniform here to save his ass, because they won't be here on Sunday. If you don't believe him, ask the Undertaker, ask John Cena. Goldberg tells him to shut up again and says there's a long list of people the Beast has conquered, but he ain't on it. He knows that burns Brock's ass every time he thinks about it.

So check this out, he continues, he heard what he said about his family, and he can take his list of conquered people and shove it straight up his ass. Paul E yells indignantly, saying if he's not gonna have false respect for Brock, he should have false respect for his wife and child. Goldberg promises the next time Heyman mentions his family, he'll rip off his head and feed it to Brock.

Heyman apologizes for raising his voice, saying it was unprofessional, and asks if Goldberg has read the promotion for Survivor Series. "Fantasy warfare just got real." He says the image Goldberg has created for himself as a superhero is fantasy, but Brock as Beast and Conqueror is very real, much like the beating Goldberg is going to take on Sunday. Paul goes to make him an offer and the crowd chants again, earning chastisement from Brock himself.

Paul tells the crowd they're pissing off his beast and continues, asking if Goldberg won't deign to back away and let fantasy stay fantasy, and on Sunday he'll find a suitable replacement for Brock on Sunday, and maybe he can buy his son a gift card for the WWE Network...

Goldberg puts the mic down and strips his shirt off.

Heyman says he's being too aggressive in front of his beast, and spells it out for him that on Sunday Goldberg will be beaten, victimized, and conquered by Brock Lesnar-- at which point he shoves two security guys down, making a hole-- and Goldberg will be so unrecognizable that his son will call Brock "daddy".

Goldberg, naturally, snaps and attacks security until the remaining dudes clear out, leaving it just him and Brock. Lesnar takes his shirt off on the apron but doesn't step in. He drops down and steps away. He and Paul Heyman leave as Goldberg poses on the turnbuckles.

Commentary puts over the women's tag up next and throws to break.


Back from commercial and we get the entrances for the match.

Alicia Fox & Nia Jax vs. Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks

Flair and Fox start, but Nia tags herself in immediately. Charlotte goes to tag Sasha in and she drops off the apron. Collar and elbow tie-up, Jax forces Flair away. Off the ropes, Charlotte hits a shoulder block and Nia stands unmoving. Second try, Nia runs her over like a freight train and Charlotte gets the tag. Sasha sidesteps and side headlocks, looking for a crucifix and a sunset flip when Nia shakes her off. Leg kicks, going for a whip, Nia blocks, corner leapfrog, Nia runs her over and Sasha bails to send us to break.

Back from break and Charlotte and Alicia are in. Sasha makes the tag and locks a rear chinlock in, Alicia flips her out but eats a dropkick in return. Flair tags herself back in and gets into a shoving match with Banks. Shoves turn to forearms and both women end up on the mat as Nia tags in. Jax runs Flair over and catches Banks into a fireman's carry but Sasha slips away.

Charlotte with the big boot, Sasha tags in again and they shove each other until Fox comes off the top with a diving crossbody. Bank Statement locked in...

Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks win by submission with the Bank Statement from Sasha on Alicia Fox.

Bayley heads down from commentary to raise both women's hands in victory.

Commentary shills the Network some more.

Cut to Mick backstage with the Survivor Series men's singles team. Jericho demands the credit he and KO deserve and captaincy. Mick thanks them and confirms their co-captaincy and says later tonight they're going to address SmackDown and he'd like them to stick around for the fireworks. Off to commercial again.


Back from break with another Emma vignette, still coming soon.

Enzo & Cass out for their match, they do the deal. Enzo works himself through the logic puzzle that is their match, and Cass calls the other six guys in the match sawft. Or tries to, because the watery feedback squeal that opens the Club's music cuts him off before he can spell it out.

Enzo & Big Cass & the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) vs. Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) & Shining Stars (Epico & Primo)

Enzo and Epico start, Enzo ducks a lariat and fires a headscissors takeover and a reverse STO, taggin Cass in. Cass with a right hand and a press slam before clotheslining Epico to the outside. Anderson and Gallows run in but get tossed by Golden Truth and the face teams square off to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Golden Truth are double teaming Karl Anderson. Truth with a hip toss and off the ropes but he knocks a Shining Star off the apron accidentally and Machine Gun uses the opportunity to force him in the corner and tag Gallows in. Big LG with a suplex into an elbow drop, right hands in the corner but Truth fights back with forearms and slaps. Tag to Anderson, reverse chinlock applied, Truth fighting out with right hands. Karl off the ropes into a corkscrew leg lariat from Truth that cracks him hard in the jaw.

Tags made to Primo and Cass. Cass runs everybody over and scoops Primo up for a fallaway slam. Primo ducks the Stinger splash but runs into a big boot and the Empire Elbow. Epico tries to interfere and Golden Truth stop him. Tag to Anderson, Cass whips Primo into a spinning spinebuster. Magic Killer, Enzo's begging for the tag, the Club act like they're playing along, but...

Enzo & Big Cass & the Club win by pinfall with a lateral press from Gallows on Primo.

The Club too sweet up the aisle and commentary promises the Survivor Series Summit up after the break.


Back from commercial and Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are in the ring. Steph recites the tagline for Survivor Series and says tonight we have unfinished business.

Shane McMahon makes his entrance and signals for Daniel Bryan, who comes out, naturally enough. Handshakes almost all around, seeing as Shane doesn't want to shake his sister's hand. Shane says they didn't come out here to promote the 900th episode of SmackDown featuring the return of the Undertaker, and Bryan adds they definitely didn't come to mention the Cutting Edge. Shane says they're here to promote Survivor Series, and Steph congratulates them on making 900 episodes and says that Raw will prove their dominance on Sunday.

Shane questions this, saying it's just not the case, and even though the deck was stacked against them they drafted better and made a better show, which gets the crowd cheering, and Steph questions why they're at Raw then. Shane says nothing changed on Raw, they're still ruling with fear whereas on SmackDown they rule by rewarding folks with opportunity. Steph asks if that's why Shane's on Team SmackDown, taking a spot away from a SmackDown star, and says that Shane is a hypocrite who has to make everything about him and is only popular because he panders and jumps off tall things.

She asks how it'll feel when Shane loses the match for Team SmackDown. Bryan says pandering and jumping off tall things also describes Mick and we all love him for it. But that's not why he put Shane on Team SmackDown, he put Shane on Team SmackDown because he's a real leader who knows how to bring people together and when he gets in the ring he can get as wild and crazy as anybody else. And speaking of wild and crazy and reckless, Bryan thanks Mick for putting the cruiserweights up for grabs.

Mick says he put the division up for grabs because he believes in Brian Kendrick. And he believes in Sami Zayn bringing the Intercontinental Championship. He says they talk about promoting the women, but SmackDown hasn't done what they've done, having the women main event and putting them in Hell in a Cell. Bryan admits maybe he was wrong, but maybe he was right, and we'll see at Survivor Series. Stephanie agrees, adding that Raw will dominate.

Shane says he knew he could goad Steph into these matches, and Steph says he's gloryhounding. Shane counters and says he's leading by example and Steph should try it sometime. She says she is leading by example, managing as executives. Steph then introduces Shane to his opponents, and calls Team Raw out to the ring. She says Team Raw is going to show them how lazy and complacent they are, and the crowd chants for AJ Styles as she and Mick bail.

Bryan then asks if Team Raw honestly thinks they came alone, and gestures for Team SmackDown to come down. They're all here, including the mascot, James Ellsworth! The teams square off and Owens gets on the mic. He welcomes them to the Kevin Owens Show and tells AJ to get his hair out of his face because his title means nothing on the Kevin Owens Show.

AJ fires back, saying where he's from, the Universal Championship means you're no more than a paper champion, but his title means he's the Champ That Runs the Camp, the Face That Runs the Place, and Owens says he stole a catchphrase, great for him. He continues, saying the Universal Championship means so much because he holds it, and says he'll prove it on Sunday. AJ says the only thing he'll prove is that he's still stuck on Chris Jericho's sugar tit.

He knows they're best friends, but at one point Chris and he were friends and past performance predicts future behavior, so don't be surprised if you get a knife to the back or go on The List. Owens says Jericho will never turn on him because he's a better person and friend, and Jericho says he's the best friend ever. Hugs ensue. Y2J calls AJ a stupid idiot and says in the big leagues, when you insult Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, you go on the List. And he doesn't like his stupid soccer mom hairstyle, so that's going on the list, too.

Jericho then asks what the hell James Ellsworth is. He says we appear to have a lost child at ringside and asks his parents to come pick him up. He says he's pretty weird looking, and calls him Chince McMahon, and that's also worth making the list. Ellsworth sells it like Jericho just stepped on his cat.

Bray Wyatt tells Braun he gave him the keys to the kingdom, and this is how he repays him, by abandoning his brothers? This Sunday, they'll destroy the monster he created. Braun and Randy Orton face off. Seth says Shane seems like a nice guy but is this the fight he really wants to pick, against the champ, the Big Dog, and the Man? He says he has no idea what he and Reigns are capable of when they're on the same page.

That gets Dean Ambrose's hackles up, and he fires the first punch, leaving everybody brawling. Braun destroys Shane in the corner before turning to AJ. Dean runs over and fights him a bit. AJ and Dean double teaming him, lariats and forearms put him on the ropes and Shane Cactus Crossbodies him to the outside! Rollins outside, Dean dives on him!

Styles and Jericho go at it, Jericho hits the corner dropkick and yells at him as Orton comes up behind him. RKO! Superman Punch! Sister Abigail, but Roman blocks it and hits a Superman Punch! Reigns goes to dive but AJ cuts him off and goes for the Styles Clash. Seth peels him away and hits a Pedigree! Steph yells for them to finish him and they drag him up for the double powerbomb...OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE ONTO THE REST OF TEAM SMACKDOWN!

The teams jaw at each other and that's the show, folks.

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