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Ashley Massaro says she was sexually assaulted during WWE trip, company convinced her not to report it

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As reported by the Boston Globe, former WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro joined a lawsuit against WWE for a number of reasons related to both injury and improper treatment. She also claims she was sexually assaulted during a trip to a U.S. military base in Kuwait and when she reported as much to the company, she was told to keep it quiet.

From the documents (via Pro Wrestling Sheet):

“Upon her return to the United States, she was seen by Dr. Rios who interviewed her about the incident. Dr. Rios reported the incident to WWE executives who soon thereafter met with Massaro to apologize for their negligence but persuaded her that it would be best not to report it to appropriate authorities.”

The Globe also reports WWE has yet to respond to her claims but will at a later time:

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, asked to comment on Massaro’s allegations, did not directly address them. Instead, he cited the WWE’s motion for sanctions against Kyros and the judge’s opinion on the motion, which included her sharp rebuke of Kyros.

The WWE is expected to fully address the allegations by Massaro and the other new plaintiffs when it files a motion to dismiss the case.

We’ll update when that happens.