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Kevin Owens is gonna keep talking trash until he gets his Brock Lesnar match

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We had WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and "The Boss" Sasha Banks at DR HQ today ahead of WWE Raw at The SSE Hydro tonight. Watch the interview below.

Posted by Daily Record on Monday, November 7, 2016

There’s several cool/interesting bits in this Facebook Live video interview from Monday (Nov. 7) that Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks did with Scotland’s The Daily Record ahead of WWE’s shows in Glasgow this week. Things like:

- KO’s prediction that nothing will derail his friendship with Chris Jericho (we call that foreshadowing)
- his openly wondering if Toronto will crap all over Goldberg/Lesnar II
- the two NXT alums & lifelong wrestling fans naming their dream Survivor Series teammates (Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Dean Malenko for the Boss; Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels & Mantaur for Owens)
- Kevin’s belief that the next big step for the “Women’s Revolution” is for one of their feuds to be put in the house show main event rotation

But the quote getting the (virtual) ink is this one (h/t Wrestling Inc), the Universal champ’s response to a fan question about if he would survive a trip to Suplex City if he gets the Brock Lesnar match he’s always openly pining for:

The biggest, most interesting part about this thing with me versus Brock, is that people don't think I'd have a chance, and I love proving people wrong, because I don’t know how many people told me this [points to WWE Universal title] would never happen... and here I am.

So not only would I survive Suplex City, I think I'd take him to Suplex City. [Lesnar] goes around calling people his b---h, I think I'd make him my b---h!

To which Sasha responds, “Oh”.

Seems like a good strategy - piss off Brock so he forces Vince McMahon to make the match.

Check out the interview and let us know what you think... about the likelihood of a televised Owens/Lesnar match, or anything else the two fan favorites talked about.