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Corey Graves calls the WWE brand split a ‘work in progress’

WWE officially split its brands back in July, adding some pay-per-views to the schedule and running two separate tours, but not much has changed. Ratings have yet to turn and business isn’t exactly booming.

That’s not to say it won’t, of course, and Corey Graves, color commentator on Monday Night Raw, 205 Live, and NXT, thinks it needs more time (as told to USA Today):

I think it’s still a work in progress. It takes a long time for fans to get acclimated and understand. Even a lot of hardcore WWE fans are not familiar yet with the brand split. It’s going to take longer than 4 months. …

As much as it might be storyline, there is still a friendly competition and something to work for. When I went out there as a wrestler, I wanted to make the next guys top what I did, and I think there is the same mentality for both rosters. It’s beneficial for the fans. There is going to need more of an adjustment time, but as a whole, it’s really exciting.

While there may be internal competition, that hasn’t exactly led to better television from either show. Raw is, at its best, average and SmackDown Live has become a fun alternative to it. There has developed a sort of brand loyalty amidst some of the fan base but that hasn’t led to increased popularity.


Do you agree with Graves that it just needs more time?

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