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WWE Raw ratings (Oct. 31, 2016): Viewers down for Halloween special

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It was a holiday last night and that traditionally means viewers are down for most shows, including whatever WWE is offering. In this case, Monday Night Raw did indeed take a hit, as this week’s show drew 2.60 million viewers, down from last week’s 2.81 million.

Goldberg coming back for another week and kicking off the show didn’t seem to help much.

The hourly breakdown shows decreasing interest throughout the night:

Hour one: 2.74 million
Hour two: 2.61 million
Hour three: 2.43 million

Those aren’t great numbers, of course, but even the NFL is taking a major hit in its viewership this year. The Presidential election is getting a lot of the blame, and, thankfully, that will be over soon enough.

We’ll see how much, if at all, ratings recover then.

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