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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Oct. 31, 2016): Not so happy Halloween

Monday Night Raw is a bad pro wrestling show.

This was proven again last night (Oct. 31, 2016) with a Halloween special in Hartford, Connecticut that featured nothing but nonsensical storylines or, quite simply, storylines that aren’t entertaining enough to forgo other viewing options. If I’m supposed to watch this over my beloved Chicago Bears, even as bad as they’ve been this year (and they were actually good last night), I’d like for that decision to be paid off.

It wasn’t.

A quick recap at some of the issues (get an in depth report on the show here):

- Goldberg came back, looked like he would pass out at any second, made a lot of weird faces, no sold Rusev before laying him out like the Bulgarian Brute was a complete chump, tripped and looked bad doing it, then speared Paul Heyman and left. I don’t know why Rusev had to be the guy to get this treatment and Goldberg absolutely does not look like he’s ready for a match with Brock Lesnar.

- A "Trick or Street Fight."

- Repeated references to people not wanting anyone to spoil The Walking Dead.

- Mick Foley screaming at people without a very good reason, then giving them exactly what they want anyway. Foley continues to be incredibly bad at his job, but I guess at least this week Stephanie McMahon wasn’t there to cut everyone down in the process.

- Booking a battle royal to go eight minutes, including a spot where Braun Strowman was kicked out of the ring and made to sell for a few minutes like he was seriously hurt before coming in and destroying anyway.

- Cesaro and Sheamus still bickering back and forth like kids in a sandbox. It’s so far beyond annoying their great wrestling can no longer come anywhere close to overcoming it.

- Byron Saxton wearing rubber duck pajamas.

- Another lame New Day segment that felt pointless and went nowhere.

- Charlotte putting Bayley and Nia Jax on her Survivor Series team and then putting them in a match against each other and thinking this is somehow a good thing.

- The general idea of booking Survivor Series teams that surely won’t co-exist together, creating little need to worry about the actual drama they could create with a Raw vs. SmackDown Live gimmick, effectively rendering the entire thing meaningless.

- Yet another played out mini-Shield type of reunion tease.

There was some good on this show — Sami Zayn is a great underdog, Chris Jericho continues to do some of the best character work of his career, and when they faded to black — but this was really bad and it feels bad to have watched it.

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