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WWE SmackDown Live results (Nov. 1, 2016): Randy Wyatt

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 1, 2016) from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming dual brand Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Advertised for tonight: More qualifying matches for Survivor Series, Randy Orton may be a Wyatt Family member, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



A primordial flow across the blood-brain barrier, cryptic ring structures bind to receptors. These duplicate keys throw the floodgates open on a raw datasphere of pure information but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with the intro video and into James Ellsworth making his entrance. He thanks Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan for letting him come out tonight and say goodbye. The crowd chants "No!" in response, and he continues, saying after his actions last week he hasn't been able to sleep, he's barely eating, and he's not gonna be able to move on until he can apologize to Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose comes out, he calls James his buddy, his pal, his special little boy, and says he's had a lot of time to think about ripping his head off with his bare hands (bear hands?), but he can't stay mad at that face. It's his fault for letting Ellsworth come to ringside, he doesn't need to apologize. James insists, because of Dean he has two victories over AJ Styles, but how did he repay him? By costing him an opportunity at the title. He came to SmackDown to fight, but last week wasn't his fight, and he knows that now. Any man with two hands can make a mistake, he says.

Dean reiterates that it's water under the bridge, but tells James he has to promise that it'll never ever ever (etc) happen again. James says if he could build a time machine and go back he would, but he can't go back in time, he can only look him in the eyes and tell him he's sorry.

Enter AJ Styles. He asks if James is kidding him, he can't believe he'd apologize. Why, he asks, can't he see what's been happening these past couple of weeks? He says Dean has just been using him, that he doesn't respect him, that AJ respects him more than he does. After all, in their match, he was gonna take it easy on Ellsworth, make it quick and painless, but Dean kept egging him on to go harder so he'd get disqualified. Not for Ellsworth's benefit, but for his own.

If anything, AJ says, he owes him an apology, or at least some of the profit from his t-shirt sales, and his entire career. Dean says he likes James because he's honest and hard working, he doesn't take the cheap easy way out like AJ. They square off and Ellsworth gets in the way so AJ shoves him into Dean! A kick lays Ambrose out and AJ dumps Ellsworth to the outside before landing a Phenomenal Forearm on Ambrose when he gets to his feet.

Mauro Ranallo sends us to a recap of Wyatt/Kane and the Orton turn from last week. Randy Orton vs. Kane is up next, and it's no disqualification!


Back from commercial and Daniel Bryan is walking backstage. He runs into Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth and tells them they have to bring it down. Dean says there's nothing Ellsworth can say to make things better. James begs for something to do and Dean says there's nothing. Bryan says enough of this, Dean is getting another shot at AJ Styles, same as last time-- if he wins, he's #1 contender, but this is his last chance, no matter what.

James tells Bryan he feels real bad and doesn't know what to say to Dean and Bryan tells him to not say anything, and he's free to hang out backstage as much as he wants but he's not, under any circumstances, to go to ringside.

Kane vs. Randy Orton (No Disqualification Match)

Orton immediately bails and puts boots and fists to Kane when he follows, ramming him into the ringpost and getting a chair. Kane kicks Orton and claims the chair for himself, driving it into his gut and over his back before sending Randy back in the ring. Kane up on the apron and Orton kicks him, cutting him off. Whip, reversed, Kane with a corner lariat and a side slam, he's calling for the chokeslam early.

(Wyatt noise)

Lights come back and Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are at ringside. Orton looks for an RKO but Kane has it scouted and levels him with a boot. The Wyatts pull him out, he fends them off and gets back in the ring. Orton goozled, he throws Kane off and Wyatt and Harper come in. Goozle on Bray, Orton comes over...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO.

Orton stands over Kane's unconscious body, looking at the Wyatts. Harper approaches as Kane gets up and levels the Devil's Favorite Demon with his discus lariat before gesturing to Bray. He picks Kane up and Orton steps in, shoving Kane over for Sister Abigail! Orton gets on the second turnbuckle and does his pose while Bray poses over a fallen Kane and bids we follow the buzzards.

David Otunga puts MizTV with Daniel Bryan over for later and we go to break with Alexa Bliss & Carmella and then Becky Lynch & Nikki Bella walking backstage for their upcoming tag match.


Back from commercial with a Baron Corbin vignette about how friends, family, & fans only drag him down. He may be a werewolf, I'm not 100% sure.

Back in the arena, Nikki Bella is making her entrance.

Alexa Bliss & Carmella vs. Becky Lynch & Nikki Bella

Nikki and Carmella start but Carmella bails. She gets back in and Alexa makes the tag. Nikki with a waistlock, Bliss out with a back elbow and a shove that levels Nikki, she tries to punch Becky off the apron and misses. Carmella runs interference and Becky comes in to lay her out before we go to break.

Back from commercial and Lynch tags in hot, bowling Carmella over and hitting the running forearm into a springboard kick and the exploder but Bliss breaks up the pin. She shoves Becky into Bella and tags herself in but Becky blocks a punch and hits a hammerlock inverted DDT! Carmella distracts the ref so Becky runs over and punches her but Alexa is able to get on her and rake her eyes...

Alexa Bliss & Carmella win by pinfall with a DDT from Alexa on Becky Lynch.

Dasha Fuentes attempts to interview Alexa and Carmella but Bliss waves her off and does the interview herself. Carmella is looking forward to humiliating Bayley, Charlotte, and all the other losers from Raw at Survivor Series, but Nikki better know her role and let the Princess of Staten Island run the team. Alexa says next week is gonna feel like deja vu for Becky Lynch because her pathetic little fairy tale is gonna come to an end. She says she's the wicked witch of WWE and next weekend in Glasgow she's gonna get her and her SmackDown Women's Championship, too.

Cut to backstage with Bryan and Shane congratulating Naomi for being the fifth woman on SmackDown's women's Survivor Series team. Naomi says she knows in her soul that SmackDown's going to shine and takes her leave, saying it's Glow Time. Natalya rolls up saying she's sorry to interrupt but the girls need somebody to coach them. Shane says she's got a point, and Nattie proceeds to quote Aretha Franklin. Bryan makes it official, Nattie is the women's coach for Survivor Series. She talks about cats and meows before walking off.

Commentary puts over Styles/Ambrose for later and throws to commercial.


Back from break and the Spirit Squad are in the ring for their Survivor Series qualifying match.

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) vs. Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) (Survivor Series Tag Team Qualifying Match)

Kenny and Chad start, Gable gets a waistlock into a takedown but Kenny gets the ropes and forces the break before punching him and hitting a scoop slam. Tag to Mikey, assisted standing moonsault for one into a rear chinlock but Gable gets right to his feet. Whip, duck, duck, crossbody collision, tag to Kenny. Kenny up top, diving leg drop comes up empty! Tag to Jordan, levels Kenny with right hands a dropkick, popup on Mikey, belly-to-belly suplex on Kenny, charges in the corner but Kenny moves out the way and rolls him up for a nearfall.

Tag to Mikey, whip, tag to Gable...

American Alpha win by pinfall with Grand Amplitude on Mikey, securing their spot on SmackDown's tag team Survivor Series team.

Commentary throws to a recap of Goldberg's appearance on Raw last night before putting MizTV over again and tossing to break.


Back from commercial and Miz and Maryse are already in the ring with the MizTV set.

Maryse welcomes us to MizTV and introduces Miz, who does his introductory spiel, promising to let the past be the past while he gets answers about Survivor Series. Daniel Bryan comes out and takes his seat. The crowd chants "Daniel Bryan!" and Miz asks if they want to be left alone to chant before telling Bryan how nice this is and how he runs a tight ship unlike over at Talking Smack. Bryan says if he wants to be passive aggressive he could just cancel MizTV. Miz says if he has a problem, he'll let him know aggressively, but for now he just wants to talk Survivor Series.

Bryan starts with the tag teams, saying there are two more qualifying matches to determine who will join the Hype Bros, American Alpha, and Beauty and the Man-Beast. Miz wants to get right to the men's singles team, and Bryan says after careful consideration, he and Shane have decided on Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, and (big delay while Miz preens) WWE World Champion AJ Styles! Bryan is super pleased with himself, and Miz is incredulous that he's not on the team.

Miz asks a series of questions, all receiving nopes, including the question of was he even considered for the team, before asking if all this was just a way to humiliate him and his wife on live TV. He says Bryan has no interest in leading Team Raw to victory (whoops) and that SmackDown is full of opportunity for anyone not named the Miz. Bryan says he lied, they did consider Miz, but Survivor Series teams are full of combustible elements and they need superstars who aren't afraid to fight, who will fight any time, and last week he proved that he's afraid to fight. Dolph offered him a rematch last week and he turned him down because it wasn't on his terms, but at Survivor Series, they need men who will fight on their terms.

Miz suggests that they are in fact just Bryan's terms, and that they'll lead SmackDown to defeat. He says Bryan is scared to fight and immediately gets behind his wife before saying he's not good at his job or indeed good at anything anymore. He tells Bryan to go back to moping around John Cena's house on Total Bellas. Bryan throws a chair! He says Miz certainly isn't best at wrestling, so if he wants, go, go run his mouth behind the commentator's desk and leave the real fighting to the superstars. Last week he turned down a title shot, and guess what, there are a ton of guys in the back who would love that opportunity. So sit there, talk, run your mouth while Dolph defends his title in an open challenge right now!

Dolph makes his entrance and we go to break.


Back from commercial with the announcement that American Alpha and Dean Ambrose will be on Talking Smack tonight.

Curt Hawkins comes out saying an open challenge seems like an event tailor made for Curt Hawkins to make his big debut, and where better than right here in Atlantic City? Tomorrow morning there's gonna be a lot of sore necks, because he's going to turn some heads when he becomes Intercontinental Champion, and Dolph is going to be the sorest of them all, because he has to face the facts.

Curt Hawkins vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Curt stretches on the ropes, turns around and...

Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall with a superkick, retaining the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Renee congratulates Dolph on retaining his title tonight. Dolph says last week Miz told the world Dolph isn't a fighting champion, but the catch is he's been fighting for this his entire life. He put his career on the line to win it, he was all-in and damnit he survived. And thus on to Survivor Series, SmackDown and Raw, Raw and SmackDown, fantasy becomes reality. He pleaded with Miz to take his rematch last week and said he was gonna do it on his terms, but now they're gonna do it on his terms, and issues an open challenge for Survivor Series for any Raw superstar to take a shot at the title.

Backstage, Dean is warming up when Dasha walks up to him and asks him if he's confident with James Ellis not at ringside. He corrects her and again says it was his mistake. Tonight AJ's not gonna get one over on him and there's no excuses. Ellsworth rolls up, saying he'll hate himself if he doesn't ask but he wants to know if there's anyway he can come to ringside. Dean says that's the whole point of all this, he's done enough, go eat some Halloween candy or something. He shoos James off and says he has this.

Commentary puts Headbangers vs. Usos over up next, it's another Survivor Series qualifier!


Back from break and commentary recaps Orton/Kane from earlier.

We go backstage where Wyatt says some have been skeptical of Orton's desire to be one of them. After all, he's a serpent, and serpents represent treachery, evil, and perhaps even the Devil himself. But Bray says anyone with credentials like that is welcome in the Wyatt Family. Orton says he was born with the Devil whispering in his ear, and he's done trying to fight it. It's almost as if the darkness has shown him the light, he says, before saying that Bray is a god, at which point his eyes flash with unearthly light.

Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (Survivor Series Tag Team Qualifying Match)

Usos jump the Headbangers before the bell even rings! Jimmy and Thrasher start, tag to Jey, he gets a Samoan drop for two. Rear chinlock in, Thrasher fights out with elbows and a swinging neckbreaker. Tags made, Mosh bowls Jimmy over a few times and hammer whips him in the corner. Same to Jey, reverse STO on Jimmy for two! Thrasher dumps Jey, but Jimmy gets at Mosh...

The Usos win by pinfall with a schoolboy from Jimmy on Mosh.

Backstage, AJ Styles is having a stroll when he runs into Dasha. He asks why he can't make it to the ring without someone asking a dumb question. He plays along, saying he can't wait to entertain the fans with an exciting match before saying he's gonna take care of business and Ellsworth is gonna crawl back into the bargain bin he came out of.

Dean is backstage with James, saying they can be cool, they can exchange Christmas cards, but he doesn't make the rules, he can't be at ringside. He then tells him that any man with two hands can call an Uber before shoving him out the door. Off to break we go!


Back from commercial and we get the entrances for our main event.

AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose

Dean dumps AJ outside immediately, taking him to the woodshed against the announce desk and the barricade but AJ kicks out at one back in the ring. Chops in the corner and he scrapes AJ's face across the top rope. Whip, AJ with a sunset flip for two, Dean grabs a small package for the same, then a small package, again, no dice. Cloverleaf is locked on but AJ's fighting it and gets the ropes.

Dean sets AJ up top, butterfly superplex off the second! Right hands for AJ in the corner, Dean with a whip but Styles gets the Calf Killer! Ambrose gets the ropes in fairly short order and heads outside for a breather. Styles follows and Ambrose crotches him on the barricade before charging over for a forearm that dumps AJ into the timekeeper's area! Back in the ring for a cover but AJ's out at one and Dean shoves him into the corner and puts boots to him. Whip, reversal, back elbow, a dive but AJ elbows his knee on the way down and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Dean dropkicks AJ to the outside off a springboard from the champion! Dean heads up top and throws the diving elbow to the outside! Back in the ring he tries again but AJ cuts him off. Dirty Deeds attempt, AJ fights out, Dean with running forearms and a running lariat. Ambrose charges in, AJ looks for the Calf Killer again but Dean blocks so he maneuvers him around and suplexes him into the corner. Waistlock reversals, Dean gets the double chickenwing facebuster for a nearfall!

Styles Rush, Dean ducks the backfist, looks for a neckbreaker, AJ slips out, looks for the Styles Clash, Ambrose slips away, double lariats leave both men laying! James Ellsworth runs down, he's here to cheer Dean Ambrose on in clear violation of Daniel Bryan's order! Dean turns around into a Pele kick for two and security rushes down to take care of Ellsworth so he makes a run for it through the crowd.

AJ distracted, Dean gets an O'Connor Roll for two, pendulum lariat attempt, moonsault inverted DDT attempt, Dirty Deeds attempt, Calf Killer locked in but Ambrose gets the ropes! AJ charges in and Ellsworth makes his way back to ringside. Ellsworth tries to crawl in the ring and security drags him away past AJ, so he pounces him over the announce table! AJ looking for the Phenomenal Forearm, Dean catches him with a boot...

Dean Ambrose wins by pinfall with Dirty Deeds.

Security drags James Ellsworth's carcass away, a smile on his half-conscious face as Dean looks on. After commentary recaps the match, Dean heads up the ramp and helps Ellsworth to his feet for a moment, seemingly thanking him. That's the show, folks.

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