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Mojo Rawley says NFL All-Pro Rob Gronkowski is ‘dying to get in the ring’ for WWE

Overall, this is a fun interview with SmackDown Live tag team Hype Bros.

Love him or hate him (full disclosure, I’m a convert to the former camp, at least in small doses), Mojo’s story is pretty great, and he has some solid advice for young people about chasing their dreams during this conversation on Good Morning San Diego with Brandon Stone ahead of the blue brand filming there this past Tuesday, Oct. 4.

His tag partner, former US and Intercontinental champ Zack Ryder, discusses some of his dream come true moments, especially winning the IC strap at WrestleMania earlier this year.

But the quote making the rounds is the latest update on the possibility of Rawley’s friend, the stud tight end for perennial Super Bowl contenders the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski, doing some scripted fighting.

The man known as Gronk has attended some WWE shows to support his boy Mojo, and enjoys the theatricality of pro graps. Throw in the fact he’s 6’ 6” with a personality about twice that big, and there’s always gonna be interest in seeing what he can do in a ring.

Stone asked Mojo about that, and here’s what he said:

The main man Robbie G. Well I played college football with a couple of his brothers, his older brothers Dan and Chris, we all kind of grew up together. We all came up together, we’ve all been on the grind for a very long time. Trust me we’ve had that conversation many times and he’s dying to get in the ring. I can tell you it won’t be while he’s in season.

“While he’s in season” rules out the next four, maybe even five (for the Pats) months. But WrestleMania always falls after the NFL season, so...

Hey, it can’t be any worse than next year’s threatened Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal bout, right?

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