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Luke Harper returns at WWE Live show in Chile

Out since March with a leg injury, former Intercontinental champion Luke Harper’s been cleared to return for a few weeks now. As we’ve seen with Emma and others, a house show comeback doesn’t mean you’re going to be on Raw or SmackDown immediately, but it’s a good first step toward that goal.

And, as advertised, Harper worked the WWE Live event in Santiago, Chile yesterday (Oct. 5).

While it wasn’t the main event, and probably doesn’t mean he’s gonna chase the Universal title any time soon, Harper did take part in a pretty high profile match - teaming with the champ, Kevin Owens, to face Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn.

The leg looks like it held up pretty well, too!

Despite receiving a big pop, he and the champ are heels, so they lost on the house show. Luke took the pin after a Pedigree from Rollins.

This is a Raw-branded tour, so it would appear Harper is staying away from his alliance with Bray Wyatt for now - even with the Eater of Worlds down a man due to the reported injury to Erick Rowan.

There’s time to sort all that out when he does return to television, however. For now, welcome back, Luke!

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