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'Emmalina' could work big for WWE

On a brand without a shallow female character, this might just be the role that takes Tenille Dashwood to the next level.

It's not a newsflash to say that Emma is a gorgeous woman. Feel free to tag me as sexist, and send that hate straight to @JMartOutkick, but it's not degrading to her value as a human being for me to say that I've found her to be among the most beautiful females on the planet for years. In a world where a certain segment of the population will use any excuse imaginable to try and find something inside of nothing, please just wait until the END of this article before you plot my death.

Again, Emma is an absolute smokeshow, and even objectively, for a non-wrestling fan, she turns every single head on the Boardwalk when she struts down the path. Whatever the "it" is that Chris Jericho always refers to, I don't care what that might actually mean in a real context, she's got it.

Emma is also an extremely talented performer, and an above average wrestler, especially when motivated and given the chance to shine. Back in London last year at NXT Takeover, her match with Asuka was just as stunning in the ring as she is outside of it. She's multi-faceted, and she's the rare mix of supermodel looks with actual ability, and a desire to perform in the ring at a high level. It's easy to be a fan of the entire package.

The perception of women's wrestling has changed, and we may well look back to October 2016 as the month where the corner was turned for good. Two nights ago, Sasha Banks and Charlotte main evented RAW, and nearly tore the house down. The expectation for Hell in a Cell includes that same pairing inside the steel, which would make all kinds of history, and that match could potentially main event the show.

Eventually, WWE is going to run out of ideas to use for the Four Horsewomen, and while the SmackDown women's scene seems to be in fairly good shape, at least in terms of characters with defined roles, on RAW, it's basically been a three girl roster (plus Dana Brooke), with Nia Jax kept away while the company looks for improvement and the right time for her to pull her dominant card on them.

As angry as some might be about a women's wrestler with a defining characteristic of "sexy as hell" it's quite possible that despite a pretty brutal name, Emmalina could be exactly what WWE needs to add depth and variety to the division. I loved my mirrored sunglasses Emma, gloves and all, but what RAW doesn't have is an in-ring talent that exists entirely to be a shallow heel.

It's a tried and true formula, and it always works. A lot of women fans will hate her guts, and for the entire audience, when these people watch a vapid woman tell you she's hot, tell you every man wants her, and then attempt to take a Championship known for skill and professionalism...

That's HEAT.

Especially when she can work. There's no reason to hate her, so there's EVERY reason to hate her, because we're humans with envy built into the deep recesses of our souls. How dare she be able to back up her body with her talent. That's just not fair. See how easy this is?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a leggy, sultry, mean blonde version of Ravishing Rick Rude.

We don't know today what Emmalina's actual gimmick will be, as one sizzle reel does not a character make, but my impression was it's as simple as looking at Instagram photos of her and recognizing her aesthetic qualities before you ever even know her. And, because she relentlessly and shamelessly flaunts it, we're supposed to react as men and women would in that situation.

If that's the case, Emma could be a major hit, and she's earned it. Remember, this is a woman who was in the very first women's match on an NXT Takeover event. When she arrived on the main roster, her character wasn't introduced with any background, and she was quickly placed in a horrific spot with Santino Marella. Then came the infamous shoplifting incident, and since that point, she's been scratching and clawing to find her way back into the long-term discussion.

She's talented, she's got the extra advantage of being attractive in a company that still values it more than nearly anything else, and because the "Diva" era has greatly dissipated, she finds herself in the perfect spot. She can come be a more refined variation of Sable, or even Sunny, but she can back it up in the ring, which separates her from many of that ilk. What Geno "loves" about Eva Marie, we can all enjoy with Emma. Think of that same style of character, but with a little more creativity and a lot more workrate.

Here, we potentially have the perfect match of a covergirl with a very competent wrestler. If this is handled correctly, which is always the ultimate arbiter, Tenille may have found her Stone Cold, her Cerebral Assassin, her Ravishing, her Gorgeous...

Her everything.

And I, for one, am rooting for her. This may end up being one of the smartest creative decisions in recent memory, especially for the women's side of the aisle. My fingers are definitely crossed for that innocent Bayley vs. jerk Emma program.

Let's wait and see. This could be the one that puts Emma on the map permanently.

We've seen Cooking with Tenille. Perhaps now it's time for Tenille to cook with gas in a completely different way. And, she can absolutely pull it off.

You got this, Emmalina.

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