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Jamie Noble offering cash in effort to find men who stabbed him

Just last week, Pro Wrestling Sheet passed along word that Jamie Noble had been stabbed outside his home in West Virginia. He was hospitalized at the time of the report and his condition was unknown.

Now, in an update, Pro Wrestling Sheet learned he suffered a collapsed lung in the attack. Click through to read his detailed account of the situation but the best part is how he closes it.

He’s willing to pay cash to find the guys who did it:

“I need help from my FB family, I need you to share this with everyone you can. Somebody knows something, or heard something, saw something that can help me get these criminals because the law isn’t going to. Please ask, listen, anything that can help me just get one name. Just one. This could have been my 63 year old dad or my 16 year old boy … can you even imagine that???? I can’t. I’ll also pay $200 for a name and if it turns out legit I’ll give you another $500 cash. Please share this with every friend you have and me get a name.”

I don’t know what he’s planning on doing if/when he finds the perpetrators and I’m not sure I want to.

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