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Titus O'Neil held a press conference after Raw, and only Tom Phillips showed up

This is incredible.

Titus O'Neil debuted a new character on Monday Night Raw this week, saying he's now pushing the "Titus Brand" complete with a catchphrase and everything. He followed that up by losing to Sami Zayn in a short match, looking unimpressive as all get out in the process.

Then, for some reason, he held a press conference. Only one person attended said press conference and that one person was Tom Phillips. O'Neil drops a Marshawn Lynch reference to start -- outdated, sure, but still good -- before asking if there are any questions. That's when the camera pans out to show Phillips all by himself.

It's hilarious already but only gets better when Phillips, the biggest geek on Earth, actually looks around, sees no one, and still raises his hand and waits to be called on. Then he asks a totally legitimate question, like the entire thing isn't a complete farce! He's such a professional about it!

O'Neil then clearly fakes getting a phone call and bails while Phillips closes up shop, probably sad he didn't get to ask any more hard hitting questions.

Again, incredible.

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