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Austin Aries injury update: NXT star reportedly set to undergo surgery

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Just a few days ago, Austin Aries was injured by Shinsuke Nakamura during a match at an NXT house show when he took a hard kick to the face. The match was stopped and he was stitched up. Initially, it looked like that was the extent of the damage.

Then he posted a pic of his face and it looked much worse, like he may have suffered an orbital fracture.

According to a new report from PW Insider, that’s exactly what happened. That means he’s going to need surgery, which he’s scheduled to get later this week in Birmingham, Alabama. He’ll be out of action until sometime in 2017, though it’s unclear exactly how long at this time.

Aries had just teamed up with Roderick Strong for a run in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.