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Cruiserweight title match set for Raw tonight

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Brian Kendrick won the cruiserweight championship from TJ Perkins at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) last night in Boston, Massachusetts. He did so by faking an injury and cheating his way into a submission that got a tapout victory.

Tonight, Perkins gets his rematch.


Having finally achieved vindication during what he described as his “last chance” at a WWE career, the line in the Cruiserweight division — which, as displayed in the Kickoff Six-Man Match, doesn’t have a slouch among it — now forms behind Kendrick. But, with Perkins stepping up for his rematch tonight on Raw, can Kendrick keep his place at the head of the pack?

These two are destined to do this forever, it seems. Or maybe tonight is the last match between the two for a while. We can only hope.

Follow along tonight here.