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Enzo Amore has ‘well over 1,000 pages of written promo material’

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ESPN ran an in-depth interview with Enzo Amore today and it’s well worth your time, so check it out here. But if you’ve ever wondered how he got such a slick tongue and how he spits all that hot the way he does it’s because he writes it down.

From the piece:

"You're talking to me and I'm not even answering you because I'm constantly thinking towards ways in which words play," Amore said. "Just things that are funny to make people interact and to keep the audience participating. My mind is always going in that direction." The result is a notebook that he estimates is well over 1,000 pages of written promo material. Everywhere Amore goes, the book comes with him.

"I have it backed up on the internet up in a cloud somewhere [too]," he said. "There is no question about that."

Amore believes the process of writing it down helps to imprint the material into his brain. When a fellow superstar says something to him on live TV and it sparks something he wrote down two years ago and forgot about, he is able to deliver an instant comeback. "That's the way my mind works," he said. "All of a sudden it's flying out."

This is not a mark against him, certainly. As long as he can deliver the goods when he has a microphone in hand on Monday Night Raw, he take notes on another 1,000 pages. It’s a refreshing change from the rigid scripting that has led to promo death for stars like Roman Reigns and Charlotte.