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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 31, 2016): Happy Halloween!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 31, 2016) from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut featuring the fallout show from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: It's a Halloween special, Goldberg returns, new champions have been crowned, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Masquerade, masquerade, grab your mask and don't be late! Get out well disguised while I sit and liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with Goldberg's music playing and him making his way to the ring from backstage.

He gets in the ring and on the mic, immediately calling Brock out. Paul Heyman interrupts, doing his schtick. He says his client doesn't appreciate the crowd chanting for Goldberg. So, of course, they chant for Goldberg, and he tells them they're pissing him off. He says he has all the respect in the world for Goldberg and his abilities and he's sure he knows that he is not a physical threat to him. Hence why he's somewhat comfortable to honor his client's instruction to step in the ring with him, but surely Mr. Goldberg doesn't think he came out without backup.

But he's probably going to make Goldberg and the crowd happy right now, because his client is not just a beast, but an impatient beast. Goldberg is 1-0, and his client conquers streaks, just ask the Undertaker. So Brock doesn't want to wait until Survivor Series, but rather he wants to do it right here! Goldberg strips his jacket off, ready for a fight, and Paul introduces Brock. His music hits and the camera cuts to Paul laughing in the corner. Something, dear friends, is afoot.

The music stops and Paul E is the smuggest human being on the planet. He tells Goldberg he got him and each and every one of us. In particular, he shouts out the look of disappointment on Goldberg's son's face. His son does not actually look very disappointed. Paul does the spiel about being conquered but chokes off mid-line as Goldberg approaches.

Rusev comes out! He gets in the ring with a microphone, asking Goldberg who he thinks he is. The crowd chants, and Rusev informs them that he knows. He also knows that Goldberg thinks of himself as a superhero, but he doesn't think he has it anymore, out here crying about children. And there's no such thing as superheroes! He says he used to watch him back in the day in WCW, and he was great. The Jackhammer and the spear were great, but they required strength and explosiveness, and he doesn't think Goldberg has that anymore. He asks Goldberg is he has the heart to keep fighting when he's beaten down and his body hurts, and says he doesn't think he does.

Rusev continues saying it's easy to come out and talk trash about people who aren't here, like Brock, but Rusev is, and he's the super athlete, and he sees Goldberg shaking. Fear makes you weak, and Rusev crushes the weak. He punches Goldberg right in the jaw but the old man takes it without flinching! Front facelock knee lifts, Rusev goes up and over for the Jackhammer! Paul Heyman eats a spear!

Goldberg stands tall up the ramp.

Commentary recaps the Universal Championship match from Hell in a Cell and puts over Mick Foley's Survivor Series address as well as the Trick or Street Fight between Luke Gallows and Enzo Amore for later and send us to break with an ad for WrestleMania travel packages.


Back from commercial with a highlight reel of Twitter's WWE-themed Halloween costumes.

The Club out first, all business, then Enzo & Cass, dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Woody. They do the deal, and Enzo says Cass knows he has a friend in him. Tonight they're not here to hand out candy, but if they were, they'd give Gallows and Anderson lollipops because they suck. All they're handing out is beatdowns to infinity and beyond. Enzo pulls Cass' string and he declares that there's a snake in his boots. Cass challenges one of them to go toe-to-toe and wonders what kind of candy his testicles might best be compared to.

Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows (Trick or Street Fight)

Big LG bowls him over and throws him outside immediately. Right hand, back in the ring, and Gallows gets in Cass' face long enough for Enzo to hit him with a baseball slide and then with a plastic skeleton before forcing the big man to bob for apples and hitting a big wind-up punch with a fistful of fruit to send us to break.

Back from commercial and they're brawling on the outside. Gallows sets him up on a table and scoops pumpkin guts out and rubs them all over his face. Short-arm clothesline back in the ring, Gallows gets a decorative fence and puts it on Enzo before hitting him with a kendo stick. More shots from the stick and Gallows drags him to his feet and throws him in the corner but Enzo has the wherewithal to dodge and starts throwing pumpkins at Gallows! Gallows wades through the hail of pumpkins and cracks Enzo in the face.

Enzo with a low dropkick and a facebuster on the mat, he gets a pie and Anderson looks to block so he gets pied and Cass runs over and boots him off the apron. Enzo hits Luke low and Cass sets a pumpkin on his head. Diving DDT misses by a mile but he makes the cover...

Enzo Amore wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Enzo and Cass celebrate a moment before we cut backstage to an ambulance taking Paul Heyman to the hospital.

Brian Kendrick is walking backstage and TJP's rematch is promised for after the break.


Back from commercial and TJ makes his entrance while commentary recaps their match from last night.

Kendrick comes out with a mic, saying he reminded us that nice guys like the crowd and especially TJP are always going to finish last. It wouldn't be nice to call them suckers, but you couldn't believe for one second that he really needed anybody to let him win. It was psychology, mind games, and he knew he could play on TJ's sympathies. Sympathetic people are weak-minded people, and all he had to do was tug on TJ's heartstrings and remind him of how long they've been friends and all the favors he did for him and sooner or later he'd crack.

Feigning the injury at Hell in a Cell was the opening he needed and here we stand. Tonight TJ gets his rematch and he can tell by the look in his eyes he's all fired up, but he better have a plan to win it back, because you better believe he's got a plan to keep it.

Brian Kendrick (c) vs. TJ Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Kendrick offers a handshake but Perkins won't have it. Dropkick into Detonation Kick right off the bat but Kendrick kicks out and tries to bail! Off to break we go.

Back from commercial and Kendrick has TJP in a cravate as the challenger fights to his feet. TJ follows with a dropkick but the damage is done and his neck is hurting. Ducks a lariat, again, wheelbarrow bulldog, charges in, back drop to the apron, springboard dropkick to the shoulder, double chickenwing gutbuster gets two and he rolls Kendrick over into TJP Clutch but Brian is right at the ropes. Scoop slam, TJ goes up top but Kendrick crotches him. Looking for a superplex off the second, Kendrick tosses him off and TJP FRANKENSTEINERS HIM OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE! His neck landed on the apron on the way down, that was terrifying.

A count ensues, TJP barely getting in but Kendrick chooses to take a walk...

TJ Perkins wins by count-out.

TJ follows up the ramp and locks TJP Clutch in on the ramp as Kendrick taps in pain.

Backstage a man promises not to spoil the Walking Dead for Mick Foley, who then wonders where Negan got the idea for a barbed wire bat from, eh? Braun claps Mick on the shoulder and says he wants to be part of Team Raw at Survivor Series. He's destroyed so many men, and he's getting tired of it, and reiterates his desire for competition. Mick calls him on the threat and says he is indeed scared, but he can't give Braun want he wants just because he's intimidating. But there's a battle royal tonight for a spot in the match, so if he wants a spot, he has to go earn it.

We go to break on an ad for SmackDown tomorrow night.


Back from commercial and Michael Cole puts over some social media awards WWE won recently.

Mick Foley comes out, saying last night was a hell of a night, recapping the show in short and saying how proud he is of everyone except for Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

Enter Kevin and Chris. KO questions the idea that they left a bad taste in Mick's mouth and asks what they did that was so wrong. Was it that he won and not Seth Rollins? Or was it Jericho outsmarting everyone? Or was it the fact that last night he was the one that made history by stealing the show in the main event and becoming the first man ever to successfully defend the Universal Championship in Hell in a Cell? Last night was the Kevin Owens Show whether Mick likes it or not.

Jericho says Owens has a really good point, saying that Foley should get on his knees and thank them for proving what a real team can do and showing why they're needed to anchor Team Raw at Survivor Series. If it were any other show, Mick says, it'd be different, but yeah, he needs them both on Team Raw to help them beat SmackDown. KO says he's right, he does need them, because they're the top two guys on Raw. Mick doesn't like it, it's killing him to need them, KO says, and he posits it's because Foley is jealous that he won in his first Hell in a Cell but Mick was a giant loser, losing four of them.

Owens then reminds him that his last Cell match happened right here in the dump that is known as Hartford, Connecticut. Mick says his issue with Owens is that he has the talent to win but takes the easy way out and makes a mockery of the Cell. Mick says 18 years from now the Network isn't going to be showing video packages of Kevin and Chris in the Cell and Jericho goes off on a tangent about the Key of Jericho. Mick has learned to check his ego at the door as GM and reiterates that he needs them both before saying that Stephanie McMahon only wanted Kevin Owens.

She wanted to suspend Jericho on the spot, he says, but he convinced her that if Jericho is so devious and smart as to sneak into the cage, he can help them win at Survivor Series. But he needs more than that, a guy he can trust, but not just any guy... The Guy.

Roman Reigns comes out. He comes to the ring and squares off against Owens, title slung over his shoulder. He asks why they're so mad and thanks Mick for the vote of confidence. "Roman sucks!" chants come in and Mick says his wife loves Roman. Roman wishes the crowd a happy Halloween, saying that there's a few ghosts in the crowd. He compliments Mick's shirt before calling Owens and Jericho Spongebob and Patrick. Jericho says he's not in costume, and Roman replies that he was gonna come as a stupid idiot, but the store was all out of Chris Jericho costumes.

Y2J says Roman doesn't deserve the list, though, and neither does anybody in the crowd. And furthermore, Roman isn't worthy of the United States Championship. Jericho says he's Canadian and doesn't care about the US, but he'd still make a better champion, and KO agrees. Jericho says he could take the title away from him tonight if he wanted to, but he's too beat up from fighting Rusev last night and probably can't compete. Roman agrees, says he's beat up but he'd never pass on an opportunity to shut Jericho's mouth.

Foley makes the match official for later in the night.

Commentary puts over the main event from last night and toss to a recap thereof before putting over a Charlotte appearance for later.

The man event of the evening is upon us, because Sami Zayn is coming out for the battle royal to send us to break!


Back from commercial with more Halloween costumes.

In the arena, Braun makes his entrance for the battle royal.

Winner Gets a Spot on Team Raw at Survivor Series Battle Royal

Everybody jumps Titus to start before separating off. Truth tries to put Braun to sleep and Goldust and Sami come to help, but it's to no avail and Braun eliminates R-Truth. Braun eliminates Bo with a clothesline shortly after, and Neville and Cesaro double team the big man. Sami joins the fun with a Helluva Kick, Sheamus Brogue Kicks Braun to the outside, but he goes through the middle rope and is not eliminated, so we go to break.

Back from commercial and Sheamus is trying to eliminate Jinder Mahal, with Cesaro finishing the job with an uppercut. Darren Young tries to eliminate Cesaro, but he catches himself and Sheamus dumps Young. Braun with a corner avalanche on Cesaro and Axel charges in only to get caught and dumped by the big man. Sami and Titus go at it, and Sami low-bridges Titus before eliminating him with a Helluva Kick.

Cesaro eliminates Goldust and Sheamus, Strowman eliminates Cesaro and the odd couple argue. Neville charges in and gets caught by a lariat from Braun and dumped over the ropes, eliminated. It's Sami vs. Braun now, the only two left. Sami ducks an avalanche and fires off body blows, Braun shoves him off but he keeps coming with forearms! Braun runs over him with a lariat as the crowd sings. Corner avalanche crushes Sami against the turnbuckles and Braun stares into the camera.

Braun drags Sami to his feet and picks him up, looking to dump him but Sami blocks and catches himself in the ropes. He's got a guillotine choke in on Braun! He's got his feet off the ground! But Braun is able to power himself back onto his feet...

Braun Strowman wins, last eliminating Sami Zayn.

Commentary puts Reigns/Jericho over and throws to break.


Back from commercial with another Emma vignette. Commentary puts over a buy one get one free campaign they're running with Subway on Thursday.

Backstage with New Day, Big E is dressed as Kama Mustafa, Xavier Woods is Papa Shango, and Kofi Kingston is the Godfather. They have a moment to respect the passing of Francesca II. Luckily her sister will be here soon, and then they look forward to Survivor Series. They've been named captains of Team Raw and Xavier doesn't know who's on SD because Tuesday is D&D night. They go through the tag teams of SmackDown, from Beauty and the Man-Beast to the Hype Bros, running them down before talking about all the shenanigans that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are putting the other teams through before they make the team.

They don't have anything bad to say about American Alpha, but it doesn't matter who SmackDown sends, because their team will overcome, because New Day rocks, etc.

Back in the arena, Rich Swann is making his entrance for a six-man tag. He's joined by Lince Dorado and Cedric Alexander as we go to break with a video for the More Than Pink campaign.


Back from commercial

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, & Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, & Tony Nese

Dorado and Daivari start off, Ariya throwing hands right away. Whip, Dorado with a headscissors takeover and a kip-up, he blocks more strikes, and hits an imploding springboard crossbody and a spinning wheel kick before tagging Rich Swann in. Swann with a diving axhandle and an arm wringer, wrenching the bar in and tagging Cedric in. Cedric with a double stomp to the arm and back to the arm wringer but Daivari forces him in the corner and tags Drew Gulak in.

Gulak fires uppercuts and slaps into a bridging northern lights suplex but Alexander catches him with a headscissors takeover and dropkick. Tag to Nese, he comes in with a boot but Cedric catches it. Daivari distracts Cedric a moment and Nese takes full advantage, wheelbarrowing Alexander into the barricade! Back in the ring Tony lays a neck crank on, grounding Cedric. Alexander to his feet, Nese witha scoop slam and a tag to Daivari. Elbow drops into a cover for two before locking a reverse chinlock in. Alexander to his feet, handspring gamengiri!

Tag to Gulak, he cuts Cedric off and knocks Dorado off the apron but Swann dodges! Tags to Swann and Nese, Rich throws lariats and a rolling solebutt into a stomp to the shoulders. Charges in, Nese with a boot up but Swann snaps off a Frankensteiner and a standing Frog Splash. The match breaks down and Alexander throws a tope con giro and Dorado a diving moonsault to the outside. Nese with an O'Connor Roll for two, Swann with a knockout reverse roundhouse that takes Nese's head off...

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, & Rich Swann win by pinfall with a jackknife pin from Swann to Tony Nese.

The faces pose in the ring as the heels fume up the ramp, and Michael Cole promises Charlotte up next before sending us to break.


Back from commercial and commentary recaps the opening of the show for those of you coming in late.

Charlotte makes her entrance on the same litter she came out on yesterday.

She says that last night she single-handedly made history by walking into the first ever women's Hell in a Cell match and walked out a three-time women's champion. The biggest mistake of Sasha's career was getting off that stretcher, and she tells Sasha to lift herself up off the hospital bed because there's nothing wrong with losing. Sasha's like every other woman in WWE, playing second place, she says, and tells the "peasants" to learn to love it. This brings her to Survivor Series, where she'll captain Team Raw to victory.

She calls Nikki Bella out, giving her one warning, telling her that she put her on the shelf for a year, and she'll put her on the shelf forever, because she's the best in the business, and that title says so. She calls Becky Lynch out, then Alexa Bliss, and Carmella, before saying that Foley said there may be a weak link on her team. The huggable, high-fiving Bayley. She tells Bayley to come down to ringside.

It's Bayley! She gets on the mic saying she doesn't know why Charlotte called her down but she's glad that she did. Last night, she and Sasha gave her goosebumps, made her emotional, because when they were in NXT, the thought of competing at that level was a dream, and they made it a reality. She congratulated Charlotte on winning the title. Charlotte says while Bayley dreams, she achieves. Bayley fires back saying that success has gone straight to Charlotte's head and turned her into the biggest jerk, a champion she wouldn't want to be like.

Charlotte says she'll never be a champion like her because she'll never be her. She says this isn't NXT anymore, and she doesn't know whether she sees a competitor or a glorified fan in a Halloween costume. Your team is only as strong as the weakest link, so she's going to test Bayley against one of her teammates tonight. Bayley says we're tired of hearing Charlotte talk, and she says that Charlotte wants to put her in another match against Dana Brooke?

Charlotte says her opponent isn't Dana, however, it's Nia Jax. Nia makes her entrance and we go to break.


Back from commercial and Charlotte is introduced at the commentary desk, Dana Brooke by her side.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Collar-and-elbow, Nia shoves Bayley away. Bayley in with a waistlock, Nia throws her away again. Bayley with a side headlock, again Nia throws her off. Bayley gras an arm, wrenching it but Nia can't quite get her off this time and Bayley's able to maneuver through the ropes and hammerlock her, wrenching. Nia catches her on a rebound and drops her with a shoulderbreaker. Corner avalanche, and a wicked biel chucks Bayley all the way across the ring.

Nia puts boots to Bayley in the corner before throwing her across the ring for another corner avalanche. Bayley gets a boot up on another and turns the tide, slamming Jax face-first into the turnbuckles over and over. Jax gets one of her own back and Bayley crumples. IT'S A BEAR HUG! Nia wrenches it in and Bayley begins to fade before finding another gear and throwing elbows to the side of Nia's head.

Bayley turns it into a guillotine choke but Jax rams her in the corner to break. Byaley's still on her and Nia reverses to a vertical suplex but Bayley lands on her feet and throws hands. A dropkick makes Nia stumble, a second puts her against the ropes, and a third takes her to one knee for a one-handed bulldog! Bayley charges in with shoulder thrusts, goes for the tube man elbow but Nia runs her over! Nia slashes her throat, goes for the leg drop but fakes out. Drags Bayley over and climbs to the second... Bayley gets up and runs over, looking for the Bayley-to-belly but Nia chucks her outside!

Avalanche against the barricade as referee Shawn Bennett counts. Nia puts Bayley back in the ring, Bayley is ready for her with a kick and goes off the ropes but Nia is ready in return...

Nia Jax wins by pinfall with a Samoan Drop.

Commentary recaps the United States Championship match from Hell in a Cell and we cut backstage to Cesaro and Sheamus walking to the ring before heading to break.


Back from commercial and Cesaro and Sheamus make their entrances.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. the Shining Stars (Epico & Primo)

Primo and Sheamus start, Primo with a quick rollup and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takevoer. Sheamus with a Finlay Roll, Cesaro tags in. Corner uppercut, corner uppercut, Cesaro calls for the swing but Primo squirms to the ropes. Back drop to the apron, Cesaro tags both stars but Primo knocks him down with a dropkick and tags. Epico ramps Cesaro into the apron and follows up with a slingshot senton atomico and punches to the face. Knee to the back of the head, tag to Primo, through-the-ropes senton to the back of Cesaro's head, chest kick, stomp, hammer blows, shoulder thrusts, tag to Epico.

Epico with a dropkick for one, front chancery grounds Cesaro but he fights out in short order and throws an uppercut. Another, Epico wit ha side headlock, Cesaro shoots him off but he reverses to a whip, sunset flip, Primo tags in. Primo rams Cesaro into the turnbuckle and whips him across but Cesaro ducks and tags are made. Sheamus bowls Epico over and punches Primo off the apron. Beats of the Bodhran on Epico and he hip tosses him back in when he's done.

Cloverleaf on, Cesaro runs interference with a huge uppercut on a diving Primo...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by submission with a cloverleaf from Sheamus on Epico.

Commentary says the United States Championship match is next and throws to break.


Back from commercial with more Halloween pictures from fans on Twitter.

Cut to footage of Golden Truth visiting a haunted house. Truth is skeptical but Goldust charges ahead, until they reach a glowing room, and Goldust claims glowing lights freak him out. A giant clown head gets both of them pretty good and they haul ass out of there.

Commentary recaps the segment that lead to tonight's main event being made. We go backstage with Jericho as he runs down his accomplishments to date and tries on the idea of being United States Championship. Kevin Owens rolls up, and Jericho says that after tonight, they're both gonna be United States Champion. They denigrate Roman as being greasy and full of hair conditioner and talk about how they're gonna turn the US title into a Canadian Championship.

Jericho tells Owens he needs him and Owens says he'll be there.

Entrances are made and we go to break once more.


Back from commercial in time for championship introductions.

Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Jericho throws his scarf in Roman's face and throws a flurry of right hands. Whip, Roman reverses, shoulder block, right hand of his own, headbutt, another punch, side headlock. Jericho shoots him off, Roman runs him back over. Drop-down, hip toss, Jericho reverses to one of his own. Running elbow from Jericho and a kick to the chest before raining crossface blows down on a seated Roman Reigns.

Disdainful slaps as Roman gets fired up and throws his own back. Off the ropes, he runs into a dropkick. Jericho heads to the top but Reigns cuts him off with fists. Roman to the second, thinking superplex, Jericho with forearms to the midsection and face, he successfully headbutts the Samoan and hits a diving crossbody for two. Y2J runs into a thunderous right hand from Roman and Reigns presses the advantage with a lariat that sends Jericho outside.

Roman slams Jericho's face into the apron and the barricade, before tossing him into the same as Owens stalks behind. KO shoves Roman into the ringpost while referee John Cone isn't watching and we head to commercial.

Back from break and Jericho tosses Roman rib-first into the barricade before taking him back in the ring and kicking his ribs in again. Knees to the chest follow, before Jericho lands a back suplex for one. Rear chinlock with a knee to the back now, wrenching Roman's head back. Reigns fights to his feet and whips Y2J into the corner but the wily veteran gets a boot up. Looking for the one-hand bulldog but Roman redirects him into the second turnbuckle!

A pair of lariats lay Jericho out, then the third, leaping. Corner lariats follow, and the big boot connects as an exclamation point, but Y2J ain't done yet. Whip, Jericho with a kick to the face, to the top, he dives into a big right from Roman. Drive-By! Samoan drop gets two and he calls for the Superman Punch. Jericho ducks, picks the legs, looking for the Walls of Jericho but Roman flips him away. Lionsault but the knees are up!

Roman prowls in the corner, Superman Punch attempted but Jericho sidesteps again. Off the ropes, Codebreaker attempt but Roman catches him. Jericho up and over with a sunset flip into the Walls of Jericho. Roman struggles , reaching for the ropes, but instead gets the leverage to roll under and punch his way to freedom, fist on forehead. Roman catches Jericho's boot in the corner, lifts him up, sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall!

Reigns calling for the spear now but Owens gets on the apron so he punches him instead, and Jericho nearly wins the title with a schoolboy! Jericho dumps Roman outside, thinking triangle dropkick, but the Superman Punch connects! Spear! Owens breaks up the pin!

Roman Reigns wins by disqualification.

Owens beats on Roman some more before Jericho comes over and joins in. The crowd chants for Seth Rollins, conspicuous tonight by his absence. Pop-up Codebreaker on Reigns! Rollins comes out! Sling blade on Jericho! Suicide dive on Owens! Another! Springboard knee on Jericho! Superkick to Jericho's midsection, Pedigree attempted but Kevin saves Chris this time.

They walk back up the ramp and Roman wakes up. They stare at each other as the crowd makes with the "Yes!" chant. That's the show, folks.

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