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Sasha Banks: ‘I have to follow my heart once that cell door closes’

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks commenting on her upcoming Hell in a Cell match with Charlotte in the main event of tonight’s (Oct. 30, 2016) pay-per-view at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts (via ESPN):

"Mick is trying to scare me with his [stories]. He has had many of these matches so I try to stay away from him because I don't want to be scared. He was like, 'Make sure you be careful because this happened to me.' Yeah, I have the WWE Network, I know what happened to you, dude.

"I just feel like it's something where I have to follow my heart once that cell door closes. I know people can give you so much advice but I know that once I'm in it, that ring is my home."

Famous last words? Find out tonight!

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