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Here’s AJ Styles gyrating like The New Day

Do you really need context for this? Doesn’t the headline tell you everything you need to know? Haven’t you already clicked play?

Okay for those who think they don’t want none, WWE World champ AJ Styles proves he has more than the farmer strength in the above video from Xavier Woods/Austin Creed’s YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.

In part one of this edition of the Gamer Gauntlet, Styles and Sasha Banks got a chance to do battle with the new WWE 2K17 video game. They acted as managers, coaching a randomly selected player through a match. AJ (whose gamer handle is “the Prince of Phenomenal”) coached Kyle, who played as the Champ Who Runs this Camp. The Boss (aka “Boss”) coached Ray, who played as John Cena.


So, for part two, AJ learns he has to pay off a bet he didn’t know he made, and that has to be done by doing the two-time W-W-E Tag Team champions entrance. He makes Kyle join him and, well... just watch it.

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