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The brand split has ‘reinvented’ Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

When WWE brought back the brand split in July, the idea was the roster was deep enough that giving unique rosters to two separate shows would help create more stars. After all, that only opens the door for more TV time.

But while we haven’t exactly seen any young up-and-comers do any up-and-coming, some old veterans have benefited greatly from the new arrangement. Count Dolph Ziggler among them, as he told Sky Sports in a recent interview:

"I said the brand split would be a chance for a lot of up-and-coming guys to get a chance to be on television, get a few minutes of microphone time or introduce themselves. I didn't see it happening for me but it has actually given me a chance to be myself and not memorize something or say a catchphrase. It has been real and reinvented me."

If WWE was using the same roster on both Raw and SmackDown Live, sure, maybe Ziggler gets another run with the Intercontinental championship but he certainly doesn’t get the same amount of creative attention for his story.

Sometimes, that makes all the difference.

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