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WWE Hell in a Cell 2016: TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick full match preview

TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

Cruiserweight championship match

Brian Kendrick is an odd dude. He always has been. Whether it be that pseudo dance walk, his days with the white jacket and Ezekiel Jackson as his muscle, or trying to train Eva Maria, the man has always been on a slightly different wavelength. It’s part of his charm. That is until he becomes desperate. And currently, Brian Kendrick is desperate.

Kendrick doesn’t just want the Cruiserweight championship. He feels he needs it. In his mind, it is his last chance at 37 years old to have success in the wrestling business. So it doesn’t matter that his old friend TJ Perkins holds the title. He’ll try any means to acquire it.

First, he tried it the standard way, what some would call the right way. He won the right to face Perkins and fought him for it at Clash of Champions. Unfortunately for Kendrick, Perkins got the better of him. So when they were shaking hands after the match, Brian delivered a headbutt to TJ.

That was the start of his second way of trying to get his hands on the Cruiserweight title: Being a nasty dude. And to his credit, that worked for a while. The cheap attack on Perkins upset the young champion and a non-title rematch was set up. This would be a chance for Perkins to get some revenge but it was also a chance for Kendrick to jump the line and get back into the title picture.

During the match, when Kendrick found himself in a bad position, he used a vicious rake to the eyes to turn the tide in his favor. He soon locked in his Captain’s Hook submission to tap out the champion. With the win, he earned his title rematch.

Kendrick’s plan was working. But then things took a turn that shook the psyche of the Wizard of Odd. He lost a warm up match on the Raw right before his title match.

The young Rich Swann defeated Kendrick clean as Perkins watched on from commentary. This dealt a blow to Kendrick’s confidence and the confidence in his current plan. So he changed courses one more time headed into Sunday. He decided to try begging.

In the locker room post match, Kendrick confronted Perkins, delivered his sob story, and straight up asked the man to let him win on Sunday. (You can’t say he’s not trying new things.) Of course, TJ would have none of it.

It’s entirely possible that it’s just another mind game from The Brian Kendrick. He’ll try any trick in his arsenal to get what he wants. He’s tried it the right way. He’s tried it by being vicious. He’s tried begging. Perkins needs to be at his most cautious tomorrow night because a man as desperate as Kendrick is extremely dangerous.

Will Kendrick find a method that wins him the title or will Perkins fend off the desperate challenger? Find out tomorrow night at Hell in a Cell, starting at 8 EST. And keep it here at for all of your Hell in a Cell coverage.

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