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Whose shiner is worse? Austin Aries vs. Alexa Bliss

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At a Wednesday night house show, a Shinsuke Nakamura kick messed Austin Aries up... real bad. Aries Tweeted a picture of his face after getting stitches to close the gash the King of Strong Style opened up while blackening his eye in Fresno:

(WARNING to the faint of heart, this is pretty nasty)

In a freaky coincidence, SmackDown Superstar Alexa Bliss was also recently injured in a hydration-related incident. She shared the grotesquerie her face has become as a result on Instagram.

(WARNING to... people who don’t like close-ups of the side of people’s faces, I guess?)

This is why wrestlers get so upset when critics call what they do fake, I guess.

H/T to our old friend Josh “DoorsHateMMAFighters” Gagnon for the idea!