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WWE adds Flair back to Charlotte’s name

Legacy has been a part of Charlotte’s gimmick since her debut in NXT. Her father, the legendary Ric Flair, is always present in her act, sometimes because announcers mention him, other times when he accompanies her to ringside - and on the rare occassions when neither is true, by the way she uses his trademark mannerisms and catch phrases.

On this past Monday’s Raw, General Manager Mick Foley referred to her with the Nature Boy’s kayfabe surname. Now, with a few edits of the WWE website, it looks to be a permanent addition to her character:

Charlotte (real name Ashley Fliehr) becomes the rare Superstar to add a name on the main roster. Male wrestlers like Big E, Cesaro and Rusev have all lost one of their names when making the transition out of Developmental to the bigger stages of Raw and SmackDown.

Seeing as how the Nature Girl heel-ishly kicked her old man to the curb a little while back, maybe WWE wants to make sure even casual fans are aware of her bloodline? Or maybe they are planning to put the Women’s title match on last at Hell in a Cell, and figure the Flair name will help sell the decision to doubters?

Regardless of the reasoning, what do you think of the change, Cagesiders?

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