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James Ellsworth is backstage at SmackDown Live

When he got a t-shirt and it started selling well, reports came down that WWE wanted to sign James Ellsworth to a long term deal to capitalize on his newfound popularity. This on the heels of his beating WWE World Champion AJ Styles in consecutive weeks, and fans getting behind him in a way they aren’t getting behind even the top babyfaces on either brand.

It makes sense, then, in some way to bring him back for more. Rumors suggested that’s exactly what they would do and now PW Insider is reporting he’s backstage at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the site of tonight’s (Oct. 25, 2016) episode of SmackDown Live.

It’s unclear how exactly WWE will be using him now that they’ve already given him a shot at the top title and he failed to capture it. The underdog story worked but has a shelf life for a character like this.

We’ll likely find out tonight.

Any guesses?

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