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Big Show doesn’t think Undertaker is retired


He’s been seen on crutches, supposedly because he recently underwent hip surgery, and was reportedly telling folks backstage at WrestleMania 32 he was hanging up his boots. But don’t rule out another WWE return for the Undertaker yet.

Speculation about retirement has swirled around the Dead Man ever since his Mania undefeated streak ended in New Orleans a few years back, and as we head into the Winter months where the build to 33 will begin, it’s as loud as ever.

There’s one person who’s been talking about retirement quite a bit himself over the last year or so who doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of the Phenom. Big Show doesn’t specify when or where Taker’s WWE tale might pick back up, but he told Digital Spy in a recent interview, he’s confident it will.

I don't think Taker's story is done.

I think the fans are happy to see Undertaker once a year and make that entrance and go out there and keep going. I think as long as Taker feels healthy enough and feels good enough to go out there he will. And I'm okay with seeing Taker on special events, because Taker is the ultimate attraction.

Show’s a veteran businessman himself, so he could just be dragging out the speculation cause it will keep fans interested for next Spring. But he’s also someone who - if anyone beside Vince McMahon, Taker and their inner circles knows anything - might have some inside information.

What do you think, gang? Will we see the Dead Man in Orlando next April?

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