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Details on Chris Jericho’s fourth book, scheduled for release next Summer

Grand Central Publishing

While we don’t know how much longer Chris Jericho will be staying with WWE, we do know he has a new book coming our way.

And that’s good news for folks like me who’ve enjoyed his three previous efforts (and his first one, A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex, is probably my favorite pro wrestling tome ever).

New details hit today on the next one. Release dates vary - PWInsider says it will be out in August of 2017, while Google Books has June 15th. Both agree on the description for a volume titled, No Is a Four-Letter Word: My Journey Up Success' Ladder - in 22 Steps:

Chris Jericho is a six-time pro-wrestling champion, international touring musician, three-time bestselling author, award-winning actor and popular podcaster.

How did he make it to the top of so many fields? He explains the secrets of his success in this humorous and inspirational book. NO IS A FOUR LETTER WORD displays Chris's trademark writing style, jam-packed with ridiculous stories and hilarious pop culture references. He shows how a small-town Canadian kid followed his seemingly impossible dreams and against all odds made them all come true.

The book is organised around 22 principles on what it takes to make it to the top of your field and the legends that influenced each principle. Whether it's learning how to make any situation work (like when he bargained with his boss Vince McMahon for the chance to meet Keith Richards), spending money to make money (like when he doled out tens of thousands of dollars on his trademark light-up jackets because that's what KISS would do), learning from his NHL legend father Ted to always sell himself, or learning how to let go of the crushing loss of the possible gig of a lifetime, Jericho takes you with him on his journey up success's ladder one step at a time! And shows readers how they can apply these principles to their own lives.

So, come next Summer, they’ll be no more excuses for stupid idiots like you and me. The G.O.A.T. will be telling us how he succeeded, and we can follow along.

Happy now?

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