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People on the List of Jericho might be getting beaten to death with a baseball bat in a post-apocalyptic zombie world

WWE on Instagram

Seems the stakes are much higher for folks like Mick Foley and Seth Rollins than we ever imagined.

WWE watchers who are also fans of The Walking Dead (comic book or AMC television show) know how terrible the fate Chris Jericho’s Instagram is implying awaits the people on his list is...

Everybody wants to know what happens when you make #TheListOfJericho. Well now you know... #Negacho

A photo posted by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy) on

Folks who watched last night’s season seven premiere of TWD are probably asking themselves if they can bear to see Bayley meet the same fate as [redacted], beaten to death with a baseball bat which looks suspiciously like Foley’s beloved “Barbie”.

Those who didn’t are likely asking how the heck the Macho King made “The List”.

Either way, “IT” just got a whole lot less funny.

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