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T-shirt sales reportedly driving WWE to sign James Ellsworth to a full-time contract

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Consider this a rumor for now - and as is par for the course with wrestling rumors, one which directly contradicts the last several day’s worth of talk on the subject.

But PWInsider says they’ve heard about a big behind-the-scenes effort to lock up James Ellsworth and get him back on television - perhaps as soon as this Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown.

The company’s change of heart on the underdog from Maryland is supposedly a result of how well the t-shirt they released with his face on it sold last week. Forbes reported the official Ellsworth merchandise outsold Goldberg’s new gear, which was put on at the same time as the Chinless One’s.

It’s unclear where Ellsworth story would go at this point. The WWE World title scene looks to be tightening its focus on Dean Ambrose as #1 contender, but he could remain there as a sidekick of sorts to the Lunatic Fringe.

Also worth asking if fans want a steady diet of the man with two fists and a fighting chance, or if brief run was just the right amount of Ellsworth.

If there’s anything to these reports, we may be about to find out.

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