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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 24, 2016): Brock Lesnar returns, Hell in a Cell go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 24, 2016) from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota featuring the go home show to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: Brock Lesnar returns to answer Goldberg, Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho, The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Invisible to telescopic eye, Infinity, the star that would not die. All who dare to cross her course are swallowed by a fearsome force, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show.

Show opens right into the intro video. Michael Cole puts over tonight's festivities, including Brock Lesnar's response to Goldberg, and the triple threat featuring Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Chris Jericho.

Here comes Jericho now, in fact. He gets into the ring with a world-weary look on his face and asks the crowd to be quiet because he has terrible news. The scheduled triple threat match has been cancelled until further notice, he says, because something catastrophic happened... someone stole the List of Jericho! The crowd erupts with "No!" chants in response, and Jericho vows to not leave the ring until he gets the List back. He'll stay here all damn night if he has to.

Kevin Owens comes out, and the crowd chants "Triple H!" at him. Jericho asks him if he took the list and Owens denies it. Owens says frankly, he doesn't care about the list, but he knows Jericho cares and he cares about Jericho, so they'll find the list together... but only after they take care of Rollins tonight. He needs Jericho on the same page, and Jericho says there'll be no match until he gets the list back. Why? Because it's his most prized possession, his heart and soul, his deepest darkest secrets are on the list...

Stephanie McMahon comes out now, dressed vaguely like a wizard. She promises to do everything in her power to get Jericho his list back, but until then he needs to listen to his best friend and focus on the match. She tells him to stop being ridiculous and Jericho flips out, reiterating that there is no match until he has the list. He's sick of people telling him what they need, and he wants to see the video from the--

He's cut off by Seth Rollins coming out. He's got something behind his back and Jericho flips out, saying he has the list. There is indeed a clipboard there, folks, but Rollins is denying it. He turns around and it's clearly labeled as the list. He takes a good look at it and pops, saying he found the list! Steph demands she bring him the list and Jericho continues to panic. Seth reads the list, saying that there's another name on the list that might be interesting to Stephanie, and it's her.

Owens says he's not gonna get away with this one, and claims that Rollins is only doing this because he knows he's gonna lose, and orders Rollins to return the "stupid" list. Rollins then points out that Kevin Owens is on the list as Jericho's "former" best friend. Jericho denies it, saying Owens would never be on the list, since he's not a muttonhead, barbarian, or heathen like Mick Foley and everybody else in the arena. Jericho demands the list back once more, and Seth says he's gonna give him the list back because he's a nice guy, but first he's gonna make some alterations.

Seth says he's gonna make a new list, dedicated to Kevin Owens, but it's not gonna be a list for muttonheads, but rather a list of all the parts of Owens' body that won't be the same after Hell in a Cell. Seth puts over the idea that he's won in Hell in a Cell and Owens has never even been in one, and the first thing on the List of Rollins will be KO's back. Number two will be his mouth, because Seth is gonna kick his teeth so far down his throat that it will be hard to kiss Steph and Triple H's asses anymore. He fast-forwards to number three hundred million on the list, Kevin Owens' ego. When he Pedigrees him through the mat on Sunday, he'll send a message that he'll stop at nothing to win the title and burn their establishment to the ground.

Rollins then tells Jericho if he wants his list to come and get it and heads to the back. Jericho follows, and commentary puts over the Women's Championship contract signing and Enzo Amore vs. Karl Anderson for later in the show to send us to break with a house ad for Hell in a Cell.


Back from commercial and Seth is walking backstage when he runs into Steph. She asks about the List and denies interest in knowing if her names is on the list. She's worried about the triple threat not happening and Rollins tells her to cut the crap because it's all about her. She wants the triple threat to be a handicap so he can't make it to Hell in a Cell, he says, and she can come up with any plan she wants, but he's winning the title. He tells her he left the list in the locker room and we cut back to the arena.

Enzo & Cass, they do the thing. Or they try to, because the microphone fritzes out. Karl Anderson comes over the PA to announce that singalong with Enzo & Cass has been officially cancelled. Gallows says they're all about being mean and making green and it turns out there was a good brother in the production truck who'd take a paydayski to shut those dorks up. They put the tag division on notice, Anderson says, but they didn't get it through their skull. The fun and games are over, and their mics being cut is music to their ears.

Enzo does the ol' invisible microphone schtick and yells the singalong out to the crowd.

Enzo Amore vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson with a whip and a back elbow to start, punches in the corner but referee John Cone waves him off and Enzo fires back with a flurry of blows. Big right hand from Enzo, he goes up top, Gallows distracts him and Anderson catches him and nails him with the spinebuster to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Enzo fights Anderson off with a back elbow only to get caught by the bicycle kick. A second off the apron and Enzo's crawling across the mat, loopy, while Anderson stalks. Sick Kick gets two and Anderson follows up with a reverse chinlock while Michael Cole puts over his IWGP Tag Team Championship reigns. Enzo to his feet, manages to throw Anderson off and into the turnbuckle, Karl catches a boot and Enzo kicks him down to the mat.

Enzo blocks a right and fires left hands, off the ropes, crossbody, grounded punches, then big rights when Anderson gets back to his feet. Whip in the corner, Cone gets in between them, Anderson with an O'Connor roll but the tag partners get involved so he doesn't get a count on it, Cass drops him with a boot...

Enzo Amore wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Enzo & Cass celebrate up the ramp while the Club fumes.

Byron Saxton puts over the idea that we're gonna hear from both Roman Reigns and Rusev ahead of their Hell in a Cell match later, and then we go to break.


Back from commercial and Rusev is in a dark room saying sometimes he has trouble sleeping, but last night he slept well, because he knows that Roman Reigns' US title reign is coming to an end. He says Roman has done despicable thing to him and his wife but at Hell in a Cell, he's gonna do despicable things to Roman Reigns. Hell in a Cell is a vicious structure, but the Cell is only as dangerous as your opponent, and Roman has to be locked in there with him. He's not afraid of the Cell because he's not afraid of Roman, and he promises that for his country and his family, Roman will be carried out crushed.

Back in the arena, Big E does his thing, so it's time for the New Day! Again they do the deal where they put Cesaro over and treat Sheamus like hot garbage. Shame on them, they say, for allowing Sheamus to walk down the ramp and get in the ring every week despite nobody wanting to see him. They lead the crowd in a chant of "Shame!" to shame Sheamus. It's a shameful thing. New Day rocks, etc, and we go to break with a house ad for SmackDown.


Back from commercial and New Day are convulsing in the ring. Cesaro and Sheamus make their entrance and they cut to footage from backstage earlier where Cesaro and Sheamus talk about how they could be tag champs if they could just find a partner like themselves, without realizing that they are each that guy.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston)

Cesaro and Kofi to start, Cesaro with a wristlock, Kofi fights out, splash, uppercut from Cesaro, side headlock, Kofi shoots him off, drop-down, Cesaro catches a leapfrog into a backbreaker and tags to Sheamus. Double back elbow, Sheamus starts laying into Kingston with uppercuts. Whip to the corner, Kofi out of the way and up top for a diving crossbody that gets two, tag to Big E, E with shoulder thrust into an alley-oop splash from Kofi. Pretty sure Big E just farted and waved it at Sheamus, then onto the Unicorn Stampede.

Sheamus bails and Cesaro runs over to check on him. Sheamus kicks the barricade, they bicker, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Cesaro's in there with Kofi, taking him to the woodshed. Quick tags to keep beating on him here as the crowd boos Sheamus and yays Cesaro. Sheamus locks a reverse chinlock in, Kofi fights to his feet, Sheamus with a big knee, Kofi grabs a rollup for two and then we go to the Beats of the Bodhran. That gets a two count, Sheamus cuts off the tag but Kofi grabs a small package for two. Knee to the face, tag to Cesaro, he gets two and hits a back suplex but Kofi lands on his feet and sends Cesaro shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Tags all around, Big E throwing a trio of big belly-to-belly suplexes on the Irishman to set up the big splash but Sheamus gets to his feet and lands the Irish Curse for two. Running knee but a followup charge in the corner earns Sheamus a corner Rock Bottom that gets E a tight nearfall. Sheamus cuts E off over the ropes and drops him with a tilt-a-whirl slam.

Tags made again, Cesaro with a deadlift suplex on Kofi for a nearfall before calling for the swing but Kofi's able to roll him up. Uppercut Train leaves the station but Kofi counters the final one with an SOS. Tag to E, he knocks Sheamus off the apron with a hip attack, Cesaro slips out of Midnight Hour and catches a crossbody from Kofi. Tag to Sheamus, E ducks a Brogue Kick and knocks him outside. Alley-oop dive sends Kofi right into Swiss Death...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by pinfall with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus on Big E.

Cesaro & Sheamus bicker and celebrate up the ramp as New Day sulk against the barricade.

Commentary throws to a video package covering Goldberg's return.

Jericho is backstage tearing apart the locker room looking for the List. Shining Stars try to sell him a timeshare and he claims he doesn't care about Dominicans, calls Titus's scarf dumb, and Jinder Mahal tries to teach him a breathing exercise so he gets called a stupid idiot. Jericho wants the List, not breathing! And so we cut to commercial as he storms off.


Back from break and Dana Brooke is in the ring for her match against Bayley. Bayley makes her entrance but Dana gets on the mic to complain about the WWE Universe calling her win last week an upset. She doesn't know how you can call somebody who looks like her beating somebody who looks like Bayley an upset. This isn't just any rematch, it's an arm wrestling match!

The crew drag the arm wrestling table in the ring and it's on. Bayley tries to use her uninjured left arm but Dana isn't having it.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke (Arm Wrestling Match)

Even struggle early but Brooke drops Bayley's hand to the pad!

Dana Brooke wins by pinfall.

Bayley demands a rematch with her good arm and it's accepted!

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke (Arm Wrestling Match)

Dana pulls ahead early, Bayley starts getting her arm over but Dana takes a cheap shot!

Bayley wins by disqualification.

Dana wrenches Bayley's injured arm hard across the arm wrestling table but Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly one-armed and Dana bails.

Corey Graves talks about the triple threat still being in jeopardy and we cut to Jericho walking backstage looking for the List. He runs into Steph and says she needs to help him find the List or else. Or else what, she says, you gonna put me on the list? He denies any bad blood and she tells him that she has to run the show, so cut her a little slack and focus on the match because he's wrestling whether he finds the List or not. Jericho says he's standing his ground. No List, no match. Steph says if he doesn't compete tonight, he's suspended, and we go to commercial.


Back from break and Curtis Axel is in the ring with a mic. He says he really did Bo-lieve in Bo. Thought he was his friend, his brother, but last week he left him laying, so he went back and re-evaluated what he believes in. He went back to his roots, and his roots run deep right here in Minnesota. Every time he steps into the ring, he carries the legacy of his grandfather, Larry "the Ax" Hennig, and his father "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. So when Bo Dallas attacked him last week, he attacked everything he stands for, and he's not gonna let that happen, especially not in his home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He leads the crowd in a "Skol!" chant and Bo comes out.

Bo Dallas vs. Curtis Axel

Axel with a big right to start, he goes to the ground and pound. Bo scrambles to the corner so Axel puts boots to him. Whip across, Bo with the foot up and a norther lariat, looking for the rolling cutter but Axel fires back with the Perfectplex for two! Bo bails, Axel tries to drag him up but Dallas trips him and covers him with the apron for punches. Running elbow, Axel kicks out, Bo locks a reverse chinlock in and wrenches. Axel to his feet with body blows and more right hands, backing Bo into the corner and whipping him across for lariats.

Running back elbow, snapmare, running blockbuster, Axel gets the crowd fired up and hits a Knee Trembler for two. Bo to the apron, Axel drags him in for knees to the chin, but Bo reverses one...

Bo Dallas wins by pinfall with a schoolboy.

Michael Cole promises Roman Reigns' statement up next and we go back to break.


Back from commercial with a video package for Rich Swann, because he's got a match against Brian Kendrick later tonight.

Cut to Jericho backstage, still looking for the List. A man tells him he saw somebody with it, just around the corner. Jericho kisses him on his head and rounds the corner... Braun Strowman has the List. Uh-oh. Jericho asks for the List and Braun demands he say please. Jericho says please and Strowman complains that Sami Zayn isn't on it before giving it to him and leaving. Jericho claims Sami's on page four and then puts Strowman on the List for touching his property.

Roman is on the infinite featureless plane now. He says he's gonna take Rusev to hell before saying that Rusev doesn't know what it's like to be in the Cell. He says it's like a nightmare you can't wake up from, but most importantly, he knows what it's like to win. Rusev says he made it personal, but Roman claims that he hasn't yet... but he will. In the Cell, it's not about weddings and families, but just about the United States Championship, and he takes that very personally. He concludes, in the immortal words of Grim Reaper, by saying that he'll see Rusev in hell.

Back in the arena, Golden Truth make an entrance, with Mark Henry in tow. They're promised to be in action after we return from commercial.


Back from break in time for their opponents to enter, accompanied by Titus O'Neil.

Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) vs. Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)

Goldust & Epico start, Goldust bowls him over with a shoulder block before doing the drop-down slap and a Manhattan Drop. Kick to an arm wringer, whip, Epico back with a dropkick to the back and a tag to Primo. Punches to the head, tag back to Epico, who chokes Goldust against the ropes. Left hands knocks Goldust to the mat but when he drags him to his feet Goldust fires back with hands of his own. Attempted sunset flip, tag to Primo, they double-team Goldust for two.

Primo locking a reverse chinlock in while Mark Henry cheerleads Goldust. Goldust out, Primo whips him in the corner but Goldust fires the snap scoop powerslam back. Tags made, Truth in with a clothesline and a heel kick, Stinger splash, corkscrew crossbody for two. Truth dabs, splits,Titus pulls the ropes down to dump him as the match breaks down. Epico rolls Truth back in and goes up top while Henry and Titus jaw at each other. Henry shoves Titus, who awkwardly hops up onto the apron, knocking Epico down. They brawl off...

Golden Truth win by pinfall with a flapjack / jumping reverse STO combo on Epico.

Sasha and Charlotte are shown walking backstage and we go to break.


Back from commercial and Mick Foley is in the ring with the table for the contract signing. He talks about how some matches make wrestlers into legends, and how Sunday has the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell.

Charlotte comes out first, then Sasha immediately after. She holds the title up in Charlotte's face, so Charlotte pushes her chair away. Sasha does the same and Mick says they've been breaking the glass ceiling since the moment they showed up at the Performance Center, and proven that true greatness knows no gender. Traditionalists might say that Hell in a Cell is too barbaric for women, but this is a new era in WWE and women can accomplish anything. But once they sign the contract, there's no turning back. The match, and everything that comes with it, will happen.

Sasha tells Mick she's never been more ready and Charlotte asks where to sign so she can take her title back. Mick hesitates and she demands the contract as he stares on. He says he can hear her, but they need to hear him, because they don't know what Hell in a Cell is like. Sasha says she's a student of the game who has watched every Hell in a Cell and she knows what she's getting into. Mick says to the contrary, the Cell is more than the sum of its parts, a living entity without soul, heart, or conscience, and it will haunt your days and keep you awake at night, and when you think you're over it it'll stop you dead in your tracks and make you cry like a child.

When you're in the Cell, you face not just your opponent, but the demonic structure itself, he says. Charlotte says that she's conquered everything in front of her and says that no second rate talent will keep her title from coming back to her, because she's the only reason that title means anything. She'll go to hell and back and risk it all to get it back, and when she beats Sasha on Sunday, she'll look into her eyes and know the meaning of the word respect, wooo.

Sasha says Charlotte is no queen, but she is a boss, and while Charlotte may have been the first, Sasha is the greatest. She understands that the Cell might change her life and she might have to crawl up the ramp broken, but none of it matters, because all that matters is the championship. Charlotte then questions her ability to cry and tries to figure out how many times Sasha's been hurt this year, calling her weak. Sasha fires back, saying she's weak but she's walking into the Cell as champion and she'll never stay down, getting up every time better, badder, and more legit every time.

They both claim to not be afraid and Mick says they should be because he walked in as a man and walked out a shell of what he was. They see how he walks, and how people look at him with pity. Every step he takes hurts and there's nothing he can do since he has no hip socket left, it's just bone on bone. He suffers because of the Cell, and they're looking at their future in him. He says he's known Charlotte since she was a little girl, and there's not one thing he and Ric can agree on except their belief in her. He tells Sasha about the signed photo of Eddie Guerrero his kids gave to her and says that she's part of his legacy now.

He says they both mean so much to him and he needs them to look him in the eye and tell him that they know the risks that go into making history before they sign the contract. Charlotte signs, telling Sasha she'll see her in Boston. Sasha hesitates a moment but signs, saying she'll see her in hell. Lot of love for Grim Reaper tonight, I can dig it.

Commentary mentions Swann/Kendrick again, saying it's up next, and throw us to break.


Back from commercial with another one of those Emma vignettes.

TJ Perkins is in the announce booth for Kendrick/Swann.

Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann

Kendrick in with a knee and a side headlock right off the bat, Swann shoots him off but gets run over with a shoulder block. Drop-down, leapfrog, drop-down, leapfrog, Rich Swann dropkick connects! Arm drag, arm drag, right hand, whip, Kendrick holds the ropes, arm drags Swann into them, Swann rolls through, Kendrick outside, Swann with a flip dive to the outside! And off to commercial we go.

Back from break and Kendrick has Swann grounded with a cravate. He got an armbreaker over the middle rope during the break, it seems. Swann fights out with body blows but Kendrick decks him with a forearm. Swann back with right hands, whip, reveresed to an elbow, Swann with lariats and a rolling solebutt before a leaping stomp to the back gets two. Swann charges in, Kendrick gets a stiff boot up but Swann snaps off the leaping Frankensteiner!

Swann fired up, goes for a back suplex but Kendrick nails him with a forearm to the back of the head. Swann slips out of Sliced Bread #2 and gets a nearfall with the jackknife Tiger Driver. Standing shooting star press but Kendrick gets the knees up and goes to a reverse chinlock. Flips Swann over for the Captain's Hook but he lands on his feet and fires a kick in return. Kendrick charges into a forearm, Swann pops up on his shoulders but Kendrick drops him to the mat, looking for the Captain's Hook. Swann slips out...

Rich Swann wins by pinfall with a rolling cradle.

Tom Phillips is backstage with Kevin Owens, asking him how the triple threat is gonna play out. Kevin says that he and Chris are on the same page and they're going to break Seth Rollins tonight, and whatever's left will hobble into Hell in a Cell to make a pathetic attempt at winning his title. He says he's been waiting for his chance at Hell in a Cell ever since he saw the first one, because as daunting as it is, it's very exciting to be part of it. That's why Charlotte and Sasha practically begged to get into the Cell, but after Sunday, nobody's going to be excited, nobody's going to dream of being in the Cell, because he's going to dismantle the architect piece by piece, put him through the kind of hell that people will talk about years from now and leave a permanent scar, because nothing matters to him but the Universal Championship, and there's nothing he won't do to keep it. He and Seth will go to hell together on Sunday, but he's the only one coming back.

Off to commercial with promises of Zayn/Strowman next.


Back from break with a video package for the More Than Pink campaign.

Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn make entrances for their match. Braun gets on the mic before the match even begins to remind Foley that he wanted competition and doesn't see any right now. Sami clobbers him from behind and slaps him across the face when he turns around. Sami bails and taunts him, leading him in a chase around the ring, cutting him off with kicks as he tries to get in the ring. Braun catches him on a plancha and chucks him into the barricade.

Braun walks off as Sami struggles to stand. Zayn rolls back in the ring and gestures for Braun to come back, but the giant keeps walking. Score one for the little guy!

Commentary puts the Network over, mentioning how you get Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series in your free month if you subscribe for the first time.

TJP is backstage taking his tape off. Kendrick rolls up saying the clock is ticking for him and if TJP loses the title he knows he can win it back no problem, but if Kendrick loses on Sunday he can't feed his family. They brought TJ in and fed him when he needed it. TJ says he would have done anything to help that Brian Kendrick, and Kendrick starts crying saying he needs it and trying isn't good enough. He needs TJ to let him win. Perkins gives him a look and walks off.

They show Brock's dressing room door and send us back to commercial.


Back from break and Brock makes his entrance.

Paul Heyman stutters as he's talking about being out here to respond to Goldberg, the "wannabe superhero". The crowd chants and he cuts them off, saying they have a smartass Goldberg fan here and those chants are starting to piss Brock Lesnar off. When fantasy meets the reality of his client, Goldberg is gonna be like humpty dumpty, because all of the chants in the world won't put him back together again after Brock is done with him. He then says that all the bandwagon fans who chant suplex city are just like the Goldberg fans.

They then chant "Suplex City!" at him, interspersed with "Goldberg!" and Paul E advises the Goldberg chanters that Brock might take matters into his own hands with them. They continue to chant and Paul rages that they'd do such a thing, before blaming Goldberg, which gets a "Goldberg sucks!" chant going. Somehow that ends the segment.

We go backstage with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Jericho says he's happy now, and questions Kev's earlier statement that the Universal Championship was the only thing that mattered to him, surely their friendship also matters. Owens agrees, and Jericho vows that they'll remain friends no matter what happens.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance, the match is next!


Back from commercial and Byron puts over next week's Halloween edition of Raw and the Goldberg appearance that will come with it.

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

Circling early, KO bails. Jericho follows, they regroup, Rollins bails and ends up in the ring with Jericho, hitting a Penalty Kick for a one-count. Chops in the corner, Jericho with a whip, Rollins gets a boot up and hits the blockbuster off the second. KO in, Rollins throws him out, charges in, Jericho back drops him over the rope to the apron, Owens yanks him down and throws him into the barricade. A second whip is reversed and Owens goes in to the barricade, and then a second time before Seth throws a dropkick at him and rains right hands down until Jericho breaks it up and dumps him into the crowd.

Y2J walks KO back towards the apron and Rollins dives off the barricade into both of them! He sends KO back in the ring before choosing to send Jericho over the barricade and into the crowd. Seth goes back in and Owens clobbers him with a series of corner lariats. Going for the cannonball but Seth rolls away and hits the springboard knee strike for two. Rollins up top but KO rolls away, so he charges in with a forearm, looking for the Pedigree but Jericho comes in.

Pedigree attempt on Jericho, he back drops Seth out of it and looks for the Walls of Jericho but Rollins flips out. Lionsault lands on raised knees, Pedigree attempt #2 but Owens saves his buddy and they put boots and hands to Rollins together. KO with a senton off the second rope and Rollins rolls outside. Owens follows and taunts him, dragging him to his feet and throwing him into a lariat from Jericho. Back in the ring Owens kicks Rollins in the face and Jericho drags him to his feet for a punch.

Kevin and Chris lay into the Architect with the power of friendship some more, and KO calls for the pop-up Codebreaker but Rollins hugs the rope. Avada Kedavra lays Jericho out and Seth throws a suicide dive on Owens before heading up top for a Frog Splash. Jericho rolls out of the way and hits a Codebreaker for a nearfall. He gets in referee Chad Patton's face and puts more boots to Rollins after, setting him up for the cannonball and whipping Owens over for it.

Owens slaps Rollins in the face a few times, yelling in his face, and they set Seth up top. Looking for a double superplex, but Rollins slips out...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with simultaneous schoolboy pins on Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

They attack Rollins together afterwards, taking him pillar to post on the outside.

Owens celebrates up the ramp as trainers help Rollins to his feet but Rollins runs over to fight some more! They can't hold him back! Owens clobbers him in return this time and throws him into the ringpost before powerbombing him onto the apron! Owens heads back up the ramp to get his title and celebrate with it in the ring, and that's the show, folks.

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